What’s My Ideal Weight For Height?

What’s My Ideal Weight For Height?

If you’re wondering what is my ideal weight for height, then this will be one of the most important articles you will read. Here’s why. I’m going to explain to you a secret that has to do with your ideal weight that is probably like nothing else you’ve ever heard.

It’s going to get you really excited and put your mind at ease and help you to stop comparing yourself to other people. So this is very powerful stuff.

This will be a very short article and put you in a good mood. So what is the real answer to the questions…

“What is my ideal weight for height?”

Well. Most people. Especially when they reach 40. Will look back into their past and say… “Man, I wish I could weigh what I did back then, when I was in my 20s.” And the response they’re typically going to get from most “experts” is…

“Well, you can’t weigh that. It’s normal to gain weight and excess body fat as you age.”.

So what I want you to do is listen very very carefully to what I’m about to say. Come closer because this can literally change your life knowing this.

It is NOT normal or natural for you to gain excess abnormal body fat as you age. It’s not normal! The only reason that you would gain that excess fat as you age is because of lifestyle choices.

Now. Getting into lifestyle choices and things like that with your diet, is beyond the scope of this article. But you can view these things on my website if you want. OK.

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The point I want to make is…

If you look back into the past and there was a point in your 20’s. Which is typically the point when both the male and female body is fully mature. And if you look back to that weight when your body was void of excess body fat and fully mature.

That. My friend.

Is typically your ideal body weight.

Now. Of course. This won’t hold true for all people. But from what I’ve seen… this is very often the case. Alright. Now I’ve dealt with a lot of people and seen a lot of instances when people try to look at body weight charts or height weight charts. I can tell you… that’s the worst thing you can do.

The reason is because those weight charts… those ideal height weight charts… are based on averages from lots and lots of men and women.

And the point I want to make is that your ideal body weight is not the same as theirs. Your ideal body weight is unique. And it’s uniquely suited to you.

That’s why the only way you can fully understand what it’s going to be. The best way to do it. Is look back to that point when your body was fully mature. Which is typically in your 20’s.

The point when your body was void of all those abnormal body stores on your hips and stomach and things like that. Look back to that point.

Chances are that is your ideal weight for height.

Which should get you really excited because you really can go back and weigh that.

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