3 Reasons to Invest in Anti-Fatigue Mats

3 Reasons to Invest in Anti-Fatigue Mats

Commercial floor mats are quick upgrades that deliver a host of different benefits to the workplace. Floor mats are effective in controlling dirt, moisture, and bacteria in highly trafficked areas. This is important, as debris control keeps facilities clean and professional in appearance, fueling consumer confidence and loyalty. A specific type of floor mat is needed when it comes to keeping both employees and customers comfortable, loyal, and productive, however. These products are called Anti-Fatigue Mats, and they offer a range of additional benefits that ordinary floor mats simply do not.

On the outside, an Anti-Fatigue Mat looks like 1 solid floor mat. On the inside, however, they are made of several layers that are stacked vertically. This layered construction creates a soft surface that is tall (vertically) and able to be compressed. The mat compresses under pressure, stimulating the muscle fibers of the feet. This triggers a ripple effect that likewise causes stimulation in the muscle fibers of the legs, lower back, and shoulders. This subtle stimulation loosens muscle fibers, decreases tension, and allows for superior blood flow. Thus, the mats are termed “Anti-Fatigue” for their ability to conserve energy by allowing the heart to more easily pump oxygenated blood throughout the body.

1) Anti-Fatigue Mats increase your ability to perform strenuous tasks over time. The unique construction of the mat stimulates muscle activity and allows for greater blood flow throughout the body. This supplies significant amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles of the body, without which muscles would be unable to function.

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2) Fatigue Mats increase your ability to focus for long hours. Standing on Anti-Fatigue Matting stimulates muscles, and it increases oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body. The brain is one organ that benefits greatly from such enhanced blood flow. Greater amounts of oxygen and vital nutrients in the brain are intricately tied with increased mental abilities.

3) Organizations may customize their mats with logos. Logo mats are an effective tool in both branding and marketing. Proudly displaying a well-known logo and slogan, for example, gives customers confidence in a company’s products and services. Lesser-known brands may also use logo mats to communicate marketing messages, logos, and slogans to build brand or product awareness with the public.

Anti-Fatigue Matting may directly impact a business’s bottom line because it touches both customers and employees. While the mat’s one-of-a-kind construction increases employee productivity, it may also serve to complement marketing efforts to consumers.