How To Protect Your Health Working In The Office

How To Protect Your Health Working In The Office

Many people have to spend almost half of their time in offices. This badly influences their health. The office employees face such challenges as chronic fatigue syndrome, problems with slumber and digestion and visual impairment.

Today there are very few offices where there are no computers. But all the visible advantages apart, there are some disadvantages. Staying in the office, where computers constantly work, for a long period of time leads to heightened irritability, headaches and fast fatigability. Moreover, working at the computer for a long time is damaging for eyes.

It is necessary to make a 15-minutes break every hour if you want to protect yourself from the diseases which are provoked by the influence of the computer monitor on the retina of your eyes. The operators who have to constantly watch the screen should buy special spectral glasses which can be either with the diopters or without them. They make the picture more contrast and protect the eyes from the overstrain.

Besides the direct influence on the operator’s eyes, the working computers change the structure of the air in a room, which badly affects the health of all people inside it. But this problem not always can be solved by simple ventilation, especially if the office is situated in the center of the city. The using of a modern air cleaner is more effective. Such devices not only clean the air from dust and tobacco smoke but also ionize it and destroy viruses and bacteria. The air cleaner helps to fight with lung diseases of the staff, prevents the development of asthma and season allergy to the blossom dust.

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If the firm has no dining hall many employees have to manage with sandwiches and coffee. Such situation leads to the problems with digestion. In such cases it is necessary to take the dinner from home, which can be easily warmed up in the microwave own. The compact fridge-bag or the thermo container will help to avoid the spoiling of food if there is no fridge in your office. They preserve foodstuff fresh for 12 hours. Moreover, the fridge-bag can help to cool the drinks when it is hot.