Causes of Chronic Fatigue – The Major Causes of CFS

Causes of Chronic Fatigue – The Major Causes of CFS

The causes of chronic fatigue can be sketchy at best, as not much is known about this illness that has taken to affecting many people over the recent years. While no one knows the major causes of CFS, there is much speculation, and each medical professional will tell you a different theory on what really triggers this disorder in people.

While the causes are still quite a mystery, the symptoms are quite common, not only in everyone who suffers from CFS, but also in other possible health problems. Yet if you have undergone treatment for any suspicious symptoms yet they still persist, then there is a possibility that you might be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

The most common warning signs of CFS that sufferers display include one or more of the following: excessive to severe fatigue or tiredness, inability to concentrate, memory loss or forgetfulness, continual headaches, muscle and joint aches, nausea, changes in one’s appetite, tender lymph nodes, and depression.

Discussing these reoccurring symptoms with your primary care physician along with any concerns or questions regarding chronic fatigue syndrome is the first step towards improving your health. In addition to modern medicines there are some do-it-yourself healthy alternatives that you can add into your life, such as a daily exercise routine, substituting healthier foods for those that are bad for one’s body, finding time to relax more, and every night dedicating it to resting and sleeping.

Of course there is no quick fix, or a cure for this disorder, and like with all things, CFS will take time to go away. Those things mentioned here is a just a general place to start if you suspect that you have chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS, and you desire to feel better, have more energy and not always be tired.

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