Fatigue Symptom Checklist – Do Any of These Symptoms Apply to You?

Fatigue Symptom Checklist – Do Any of These Symptoms Apply to You?

People who are tired a lot are always asking me about making a chronic fatigue symptom checklist, and honestly I’ve gotten so many requests for one that I’m simply going to have to comply. For those of you who may be experiencing real, continuous fatigue for the first time let me introduce you to a new term: chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). This illness is being diagnosed more and more frequently in the United States. Sadly this debilitating condition often goes mis-diagnosed for years or even decades due to its relatively common symptoms. Only a trained physician with a long and carefully recorded patient history has any real chance at making a proper assessment of a patient with this condition.

What common symptoms might I be talking about? Well that’s where this chronic fatigue symptom checklist I’m supposed to put together for you should answer some questions. When you’ve had a chance to look at the chronic fatigue symptom checklist you’d be well advised to think about how the symptoms on it relate not only to your present feeling of general tired-ness, but also your longer-term history of illness and general activity level. Think about how your life has played out relative to your peers. Do they have less frequent occurrences of the symptoms on the chronic fatigue symptom checklist? Without further adieu, here are some of the symptoms associated with CFS.

Potential Symptoms May Include:

Extreme tiredness without known cause

Reduced productivity and or desire to ‘live life fully’

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Consistent sore or irritated throat

Short term memory problems

Joint and or muscle pain without cause

Waking up after sleep feeling more tired than you went to bed

Constant low grade fever and/or headaches