You Glow You Know

You Glow You Know

Every human emits light and glows. Amazingly enough with a little guidance you can see the glow around other people. The glow in most people is faint and quite close to the body and will change, rising and falling throughout the day. Our brain is not accustomed to seeing this faint glow that research has shown to be about 1,000 times less intense than what the human eye can normally see.

The amount you glow depends on the condition of your energy field and the state of your health. The healthier you are physically and energetically will determine what colors are present in your aura (the glowing part of you) and how far from the body it can be seen and felt.

According to research out of Japan, your glow reaches its lowest point at about 10 in the morning and its highest point around 4 in the afternoon. It seems to cycle with your body rhythms.

The fact that the body glows has something to do with photon particles, which emit light and the electric nature of your cellular communication. The quality of your glow can be improved by doing certain things, like eating better quality food and less junk food, meditating, keeping good company, listening to mellow music and of course, maintaining and improving your energy field.

Most of the above you can handle but what do you do to maintain and improve your energy field? With tools, of course. An example of energy tools that are effective in repairing challenges in your energy field work in conjunction with your electrical and photonic nature. Some of the tools combine energetics with negative ions or the zero-point field. One of the most popular brands worldwide seems to be Iyashi. They distribute bracelets, wands and pendants which have particular attributes to improve and support your energy system. Their website is full of articles and information that explain a whole lot of things in easy to understand language.

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Your energy field needs to be fed, nourished and protected. It is not enough to rely on your physical nature for your zip and vinegar. You need both a strong and healthy physical nature in addition to a strong and healthy energetic nature. It is your energetic nature, the invisible part of you that supports and nourishes your physical nature.

If you want to get rid of pain, or you feel sluggish and fatigued, you need to look after your energy field. Those symptoms come from there. When you look after your energy, you will notice an improvement in how you feel. Because your glow is most prominent in the face and head area, when you look in the mirror you will even see you look better, even if you can’t see your glow. Glow away and be that shining star that you are. You never know who will see you.