How to Beat Food Cravings

How to Beat Food Cravings

A lot of people suffers occasional food cravings, the craving is not just any type of food but cravings for a certain food or certain type of food. What most people crave is food that will give the body carbohydrates and sugar such as candies, chocolate and craving on snacks like potato chips. These food won’t satisfy hunger, and that’s why food craving is one reason why people could get fat because you could go on and on while eating these foods.

Most people think the cause of food craving is because of bad habits or lack of self control and will power. The truth is, there are biological reasons why we crave for food and to overcome it we have to know and understand these reasons.

Why we crave food

Anytime when you are depressed or when you feel exhausted that is because your blood sugar level are low and this cause the body signals the brain that it needs to increase the blood sugar. And this is what cause you to crave food that contains sugar and carbohydrates.

The other factor that cause this is serotonin, the hormone that make us feels good, the combination of low blood sugar level and low serotonin could cause you to crave sweet food to increase the blood sugar level. But these food will only give you a small amount of serotonin and when it runs out, the cravings will start again.

The other reason could be Adrenal Fatigue, the sign for Adrenal Fatigue is you feel tired without any apparent reason, the other cause for Adrenal Fatigue is you have not had a restful sleep. This could also cause cravings for sugar and carbohydrates and this could get worse when night comes where the body could also crave for alcohol.

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To Beat Food Cravings

To beat food craving is by consuming a more healthy food, and additional nutritional supplements combined with moderate exercise. You can beat food craving, it will take some time but it can be done. One trick that you could try is by drinking water every time you feel crave a certain food, water is a natural hunger suppressant.

Other than drinking water, you can stock your fridge with fruits rather than potato chips or chocolate bars and anytime you feel a need to snack, you will have no choice other than eating fruits which is a lot more healthier than potato chips.