Symptoms of Fatigue and Dizziness? This Could Be Why!

Symptoms of Fatigue and Dizziness? This Could Be Why!

Do you suffer from symptoms of fatigue and dizziness but have no clue as to why you are feeling this way? Then read on as this article will point out and explain three reasons that could be why you are experiencing symptoms of fatigue and dizziness.

What most people do not realize is that chronic fatigue, ongoing tiredness, and occasional dizziness could point to more serious problems within the chemical balance in their bodies. Of course these symptoms are common in other illnesses such as high blood pressure, mononucleosis, and influenza, they generally are nothing that modern medicine and tests are able to eliminate from the body.

Yes, you read that correctly, there are illnesses that affect the body that go beyond the true help of conventional medicine, yet is simple enough to treat that home remedies and alternative health options might be able to eradicate from your body. Modern medical practitioners will agree that chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS is a growing problem among many people; yet they do not always agree on what causes CFS in people.

That is where a homeopathic doctor will come in handy with some valuable information; after having tried modern medicines to remove the symptoms and cure the illness, only for it to fail should help to open your eyes to the fact that there is something deeper at work causing the chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are three main conditions that can sap the energy from the body, making a person overly tired and extremely fatigued. These conditions are more like infections that take place naturally in nearly everyone; yet no one is aware of their presence until the symptoms grow severe enough that they start seeking answers.

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These three conditions include the following: parasites infecting or nesting in the body’s tissues, heavy metal poisoning, and a candida yeast fungal infection attacking your intestines. Each of these three conditions can be picked up around one’s personal environment, and all of them sap the main energy sources in the body, such as the adrenal glands, and attacking the body by lowering the immune system.

Parasites can be picked up through daily consumption of food and drink; there is no way around this infection as a body needs the nourishment that eating and drinking provides. Parasites attach to the tissues in your body feeding off of the nutrients found there. Yet using a parasitic cleanse can help eliminate the majority of the parasites from your body.

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic can be picked up around the house without having and prior knowledge that they are present. These metals attack and lower the immune system once high enough levels are running through the blood stream. Constant hand washing and keeping things that are not food and drink out of your mouth can help lower the levels of these metals within the body; while a cleanse can help flush them from your system.

Candida yeast naturally grows in the intestines, yet when there is an overgrowth of this fungus in the body; it then becomes a fungal infection. Taking prescription medicines and antibiotics on a regular or a daily basis only helps to feed the candida in the body, causing it to grow and reproduce until there is too much for your system to handle. Again, much like with the parasites and the heavy metals, there is a cleanse that can be used to flush the overgrowth of fungus from the body; and limiting your intake of conventional medicines will help keep the levels of natural candida in your body at a minimum.

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