Anti-Fatigue Mats Reduce Strain on Employees and Increase Productivity

Anti-Fatigue Mats Reduce Strain on Employees and Increase Productivity

Anti-fatigue matting is essential for efficiency and improved productivity in the work place. How? When employees need to stand for an extended period of time on hard work surfaces, their feet, legs, back, and other body parts can start to ache. Anti-fatigue mats help to fight these pains and thereby improve productivity; read on to learn how.

When a person stands on a concrete slab or other hard work surface, invariably the person will get uncomfortable, and their mind may wander off the job and on to his or her discomfort. Focusing on their aches and not the job at hand can not only result in getting work done slower, it also opens the door to industrial accidents. Simply using anti-fatigue rubber mats allows workers to stand at their station and experience much less discomfort, making them much better workers.

Anti-fatigue matting is thicker than regular floor mats, and usually features some kind of sponge coat to cushion the feet and provide less wear and tear on the joints. Additionally, most anti-fatigue mats include non-slip traction on their undersides and anti-skip grooves, perforations or patterning on their topsides to prevent employee slips and falls. Specialty anti-fatigue floor mats are also available that can be grease proof or grease resistant.

Furthermore, most anti-fatigue mats have colored borders. So employees get the benefit of comfort on the job, and they also have a built in warning device (a bright colored stripe) showing that the mat is about to end, and that industrial equipment is about to begin.

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Where should anti-fatigue mats be used? Quite simply, they should be used wherever workers need to stand for any extended period of time. Cashiers obviously would benefit, but it goes way beyond retail stores. Production line workers working at production tables or conveyors certainly would experience the advantages of these mats. Restaurant preparation employees spend long hours on their feet as well. You could even put this matting in the aisles of your warehouse. Basically any and every organization that has workers that stand with any regularity will be very pleased with their employers providing anti-fatigue matting.

Your employees will feel more comfortable, allowing them to pay attention to producing quality products while keeping a keen eye on safety. A person with aching legs or back tends to worry about his or her pains and not about other dangerous workplace issues – purchase this potentially life-saving matting, decrease employee strain, and increase worker productivity today!