Stop Feeling Tired – How Smoking Causes Tiredness

Stop Feeling Tired – How Smoking Causes Tiredness

Look around the streets. What do you see? You will probably see a number of people holding cigarettes. Smoking is not good for the health but for some reasons, many people are addicted to it. This is because of the nicotine that is present in tobacco sticks. The medical world has already verified that nicotine is bad for the lungs and may cause lung cancer to firsthand and secondhand smokers. However, lung cancer is not the only risk involved in smoking. This bad vice can also cause tiredness to many people.

How does smoking causes fatigue? When a person smokes, the amount of oxygen in the lungs and in the bloodstream becomes less. The oxygen is replaced by smoke that comes from the cigarettes. Oxygen is very important for the body because all vital parts of the body need oxygen to operate. Decrease in oxygen will lead to tiredness because the body parts cannot operate at their best.

Smoking can weaken the blood vessels in the body. When the arteries, veins and capillaries are weak, it becomes more difficult for the blood to circulate around the body. The blood carries nutrients and oxygen. Disrupted blood flow can lead to fatigue because the body organs cannot get the nutrients they require for certain processes. Heart disease or decrease in heart rate is another effect of cigarette in the body. When the heart does not function well, less blood is pumped around the body. As a result, pumping will require more energy and there will be fewer nutrients to circulate in the bloodstream.

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The best way to beat tiredness caused by smoking is to stop lighting your cigarettes and quit consuming nicotine. It may not be easy especially if you are a heavy smoker but it will be worth it. If you are used to smoking 20 sticks per day, reduce it little by little until your body does not crave for nicotine anymore. You can also try the electric cigarettes that are becoming popular in the market today.

While you are in the process of quitting your bad vice, you can also change your diet to relieve the tiredness brought about by tobacco. Instead of only eating meat, add more fruits and veggies to your diet. It is best if you consume them fresh because fresh goods are more delicious and more nutritious. You can also stop feeling tired by exercising. According to research, people who regularly do physical activities are less vulnerable to tiredness because their muscles and their stamina are strong. If you can go to the gym and do some vigorous exercise, that will be better. However, if you do not have so much time to include the gym to your schedule, a simple walk or job will do. You should also remember to always sleep well because sleeping is the body’s time for restoration.

Quitting smoking and changing to healthier lifestyle are two decisions that are not easy to accomplish in life. However, they are very beneficial to you and to your health. Having the right disposition and motivation will help you achieve an energetic life.

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