Thyroid Fatigue – Know More to Cope Better

Thyroid Fatigue – Know More to Cope Better

You know that the thyroid gland produces hormones; you also know that when the body lacks energy we feel fatigued. But when you are told that you are suffering from thyroid fatigue, what do you make out of it? What is the relationship between your thyroid and feeling fatigued?

Energy is perhaps the only quintessential element needed to sustain life. We not only need energy to do activities but also during our sleep, some kind of energy is produced and utilized. Thyroid hormones have a major impact on the way this vital life force is generated and distributed in our body. But all fatigues are not necessarily related to thyroid malfunction.

One of the most important functions of the thyroid hormone is it controls the metabolism. This is like the engine of a car running even when it is idle. This critical energy is at the root of all other energy and hormone production and any disturbance at this basic level can alter the entire energy system in the body, including being affected by thyroid fatigue.

In case you have thyroid which functions sub-optimally, you can still do your normal daily activities, as your adrenaline secretion is responsible to keep you going. But you would notice that your tiredness is calling for more stimulants like coffee, sugar or even cigarettes. Here are some causes and symptoms for thyroid fatigue:

Tiredness from usual activities is normal; the reason why we need to sleep. But a poor lifestyle or certain sleep disorders like sleep apnea which do not allow you to sleep more than 7 hours a day, can result in thyroid fatigue.

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The condition shows up with gradual reduction of energy levels. For example, when due to sleep apnea, you are deprived of good sleep day after day; you would start to feel fatigued as the thyroid hormones are unable to produce the required level of energy for you to carry on.

Some amount of physical exercises is necessary for optimizing the functioning of thyroids. Lack of exercise can jeopardize its proper functioning.

Your chances of feeling thyroid fatigue would be significantly less if you exercise your muscles properly. The fitter they are, the lesser are your chances to be fatigued.

Muscle weakness is a typical symptom of thyroid fatigue. You just do not have the energy to get up and do any physical activity.

Heaviness of the head is another classical symptom of malfunctioning of the thyroid. This is different from the reeling of the head that you might get as you try to diet and not eat for long hours. The head simply lacks the ability to think clearly, you feel depressed and you want to sleep all the time, even when you know that sleep apnea is not going to allow you to sleep properly.

Lab tests for thyroid functioning may not always reveal the truth about thyroid fatigue. However, your symptoms are the only guidelines your doctor relies on, for proper diagnosis.