Phenibut – Emphasizing Phenibut’s Importance in the Treatment of Anxiety and Extreme Stress

Phenibut – Emphasizing Phenibut’s Importance in the Treatment of Anxiety and Extreme Stress

Phenibut is short for b-phenyl y-aminobutyric acid and the precursor of the neurotransmitter gamma amino butyric acid or GABA.

This substance was discovered at a Russian laboratory hoping to increase the threshold to extreme stress and fatigue of Russian cosmonauts especially when traveling in a very limited, closed space in outer space.

The scientists proved that phenibut can treat symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder. It has since been made a must-have dietary supplement that is always present in a cosmonaut’s medical emergency kit. It was found to be the ideal supplement for cosmonauts because it does not cause drowsiness, unlike regular tranquilizers.

Phenibut is believed to possess nootropic or intelligence-enhancing properties, for its ability to improve intellectual performance, improve memory, concentration, and attention span. It is a key component in learning, remembering and speaking a language, in solving complex formulas and problems and making major decisions.

It is important in emotional intelligence, planning, abstract reasoning, abstract thinking and learning. It is also important in motivation and retention.

Phenibut has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and thus can penetrate the central nervous system. It asserts its calming and tranquilizing effects making it effective for people who suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea and helps in improving irregular sleep patterns. It asserts its sedative effects on people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks by calming frayed nerves.

Phenibut is perfect for cosmonauts because unlike the regular tranquilizers that cause sleepiness, it does not contain ingredients that make people drowsy. It has the ability to significantly reduce stress and anxiety especially among cosmonauts who are confined in a very small and closed space for long periods but maintaining physical strength and stamina.

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It is also sometimes used as anticonvulsant to treat people suffering from epilepsy and bipolar disorder due to its mood stabilizing properties. It is used to treat patients suffering from pain cause by certain diseases such as abnormal sensations felt in some parts of the body.

The sensation felt by the patient is characterized by burning sensation, sometimes numbness, itching all over the body and the feeling of having “pins and needles”.

Phenibut is also believed to improve the level of efficiency of dopamine functions in the body and counteracts the effects of phenyletyhlamine.

Don’t take phenibut if you drink alcohol, if you take any kind of sedatives, or under prescription medications such as MAO inhibitors and medications for epilepsy without consulting your doctor.