Information About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Information About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Whenever a distressing tiredness or exhaustion goes on constantly for six months and does not get recovered with rest and relaxation, then the person suffering must consult the doctor. This fatigue is very rigorous and has an adverse effect, while you work, play or do any kind of social activities. These are the main symptoms of a chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS in short. This fatigue along with other indications that are described in this article below may develop suddenly or increase steadily over the weeks.

Several other side symptoms that are connected with fatigue for a long time are:

1. Loss or decrease in memory, confusion due to lack in concentration.

2. Muscle pain, Joint pains without any inflammation.

3. Sore throat, fever, headaches

4. No feeling of getting refreshed after relaxation or feeling tired, when you wake up.

5. Even after your workouts, you feel below par.

Since, CFS cannot be diagnosed easily, doctors have formed some rules that will help them to identify the disease. CFS can be analyzed positive with any of the four symptoms mentioned above along with fatigue that has lasted for minimum six months.

Several people, who suffer from CFS, have their heart beat increased, whereas their blood pressure decreases, when they change their sitting or standing position. They may feel dizzy or lightheaded. This state is called orthostatic hypotension. Depression is also common, which simply worsens the other health issues.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is generally found between the ages of 25 to 45 years. CFS is found largely in women. Children are rarely affected by CFS but teenagers can develop it after a flu or mononucleosis caused by the infection of Epstein-Barr virus.

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If your fatigue does not reside after 2/3 months and is hampering your daily activities then visit your doctor. The doctor gives you a physical checkup and asks you about your history and symptoms. He prescribes a variety of tests to detect, if you are suffering from CFS. The different tests are:

1. Blood count gives information of the kinds and the number of blood cells.

2. ESR detects, if there is any inflammation present or not.

3. Blood glucose for sugar level or diabetes.

4. Thyroid to detect, if there is any hormonal change caused by the thyroid glands.

5. Urine test is done for getting the overall health condition of the body.

Some of the other additional tests are also advised, if the history, symptoms and physical checkup may imply other probable problems. Additional tests are:

1. ANA test to measure the pattern of antibodies in the blood that are affecting your body adversely. This analysis identifies the problems of your immune system.

2. Rheumatoid factor to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis.

3. HIV tests.

4. Hepatitis A, HBV or HCV tests.

5. Skin test to investigate for TB.

Treatment for CFS is not completely cured but some of the other symptoms do react to treatment. Pain killers can relieve you from headaches, muscle pains, joint pains and various physical symptoms. Depression can be controlled by counseling and antidepressants. Thus you may get a good sleep and also lead a normal life.

A person should not give up but try different measures to treat themselves with light exercises regularly as well as get counseling that will teach them to have a positive approach, which influences the body and mind to cope with the symptoms successfully.

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