Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – What is It

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – What is It

Do you feel tired most of the time, even when not doing anything? Do you have joint and muscle pains? Do you always feel tired even after sleeping and resting? Does any minor activity fatigue you? If so you might be having chronic fatigue syndrome.

Just feeling exhausted almost all of the time would not mean that you have chronic fatigue syndrome.After all, many disorders display this common symptom. Nonetheless if this is accompanied with symptoms like finding it hard to sleep and concentrate, consistent headaches, loss of memory, sore throat and the other symptoms mentioned above you could be suffering from thissyndrome. Usually if this condition prevails for six months or more then definitely you need to get medical attention.

There is no accepted test as such to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome. Statistics show that around 4 out of 1000 adults in the country are suffering from the disorder. Chronic fatigue syndrome mostly occurs in women and normally adults between 40 and 50 years have the most chance of being affected by it. Nonetheless it is not limited to adults and there are children and adolescents who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some who suffer from less severe cases of the disorder could lead fairly normal lives but for the other in becomes a real struggle to do their normal everyday life activities. Symptoms of chronic fatigue disorder could disappear and reappear in certain cases and those who falsely believe that they have been cured and engage in too many activities face the possibility of relapse or the reappearance of the disorder.

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There are numerous treatments with regard to this syndrome. Symptomatic treatment, various nutritional and herbal supplements, pharmacological therapy and other alternative therapies are recommended by medical experts to those suffering from the disorder.

Plenty of information on the issue is available. There are many websites and books that give comprehensive information on the subject but if you have a suspicion that you have chronic fatigue syndrome, that is if you happen to have the primary symptoms mentioned then you should get professional medical attention as soon as possible. There may be other symptoms excluding the primary ones such as depression, chills, various allergies, eye problems and difficulty in maintaining balance.

Chronic fatigue syndrome may be treatable and children particularly have a rather good chance of leading normal lives after treatment. In cases where the disorder is untreated it could worsen and in extreme cases could even prove to be fatal.