Law of Attraction & Journey Work Helping Betty With Chronic Fatigue & Pain

Law of Attraction & Journey Work Helping Betty With Chronic Fatigue & Pain

Betty is a woman in her late forties. She has suffered from clinical depression, alcohol and drug addictions, an eating disorder and chronic pain with fatigue. She has been suffering for over 12 years now. She was sexually abused several times as a child and she knew that this was the root cause of the distress that was happening.

Betty has been highly motivated to feel better and get well. She has tried many things and it was not until Journey work did she finally get permanent results. What is Journey work? Journey work is a revolutionary, yet simple, set of skills, that helps a person release old past issues that are affecting a persons health and well-being in the present. You can read more about Journey work on the site below.

Chronic pain and fatigue is rampant. It is a name used to define a set of symptoms that affect a persons well being. It robs you of your life energy and quality of life.

Betty experienced about 6 Journey sessions. These were a combination of the physical, the emotional and the designer Journey processes. The last Journey process with Betty was a combination emotional / pain control.

After these six processes, Betty reports huge shifts in her health. She said her depression has gone from 10 day stints to 10 minute intervals. She is a trained herbalist and was not seeing any way to practice her work because of her difficulties and energy levels. She now is hopeful and optimistic. She has cleared major traumas from her body. The chronic fatigue would not even be her diagnosis now.

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After the pain control /emotional process, she reported have incredible pain reduction and was enormously relieved.

All of the advanced skills often used in Journey work, were used with Betty. As well, she was able to experience the Abundance process. Betty has been financially poor her whole adult life, living in worry about money from month to month. In the Abundance process, she was helped to clear up where her poverty mentality first began. Then it was possible to teach her how to think in the present about her financial well-being.

It is her constant attention to her financial distress that keeps her in this place. And so the work is to, ‘yes’ clean up the past but also to learn how to think in the present. Each thought is creating her reality and so it was brought to her attention how she was feeling and thinking in the present moment. This is really the teaching of the law of attraction, the most powerful law in the universe, that was presented. What you think about and feel about, you bring forth into your reality.

Betty will continue working until she feels she can take this work and do it with herself. Betty has been so moved by her own results, she has begun working with her friends using the Journey processes.

I am thrilled to hear this because this is something you can teach, so that others are empowered to create wonderful lives for themselves. We are the creators of our own realities. When we realize that we are this powerful, it is well worth putting thought and time into learning about this most powerful law in the universe, The Law of Attraction.

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Any illness is a creation of the person it inhabits. Of course we do not realize we are creating illness through our thoughts but each thought has a life of it own.

The goal is to be a conscious creator, instead of a creator by accident. To learn more about Journey work, law of attraction and other health empowering teachings go to the site below.