Can the Foods You Eat Make You Hurt More? Part 4

Can the Foods You Eat Make You Hurt More? Part 4

Hi Folks,

I believe that “The Wellness Prescription” advice to avoid inflammatory foods is working. I still have pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but I’m doing more activity without as much of an increase in my Fibromyalgia pain and Chronic Fatigue exhaustion as I used to experience with extra activity. Common sense would suggest that if I were maintaining the same level of activity as before I started “The Wellness Prescription” advice that I would be experiencing less pain. However, my business is growing very quickly right now and I have the choice of doing more activity than “usual” with the possibility of extra fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms or letting opportunities slip by that may affect my long-term financial well-being. So, I’m choosing to do the extra activity and pray that the changes I’ve made in my eating habits, getting the mercury removed from my teeth, and everything else that I’m doing to recover will help me get through without any major flare ups.

Here’s an insightful response to my last article (Part 3 about when to give up) that I thought might be helpful to you. “As to giving up, I visualize a waterfall. It flows continuously no matter what obstacles might be thrown in its way. However, the flow may not force the object away, but simply go over, around or otherwise beyond it. The obstacle simply does not matter. The flow continues no matter what.

As to dieting, my simple advice is always a lifestyle based on eating foods (as much as we are committed to) that do not come in a wrapper, and have no listed ingredients. No bag, box or bottle. The closer you coordinate your eating habits with natural, unadulterated foods, the greater you give your body a chance to build, grow and heal.” by David Merrill

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Here’s to Feeling Better!