The Drawbacks of Exercising Too Much

The Drawbacks of Exercising Too Much

It’s tough to imagine that there are any drawbacks to exercising but there are if you are doing it too much. The most obvious is that you’ll be tired, fatigued, drained. In sum, you can’t really be or do all that you desire in life if you’re over exercising. You drain your creativity and lust for life when you deplete your energy reserves with too much exercise.

We are here to learn and be much more than sleek exercising machines. Yes, we want health, have gorgeous bodies that we can be proud of but radiance comes from a balance of energies within. This is imbalance of your well-being is what the drawbacks of exercising too much affect. Is your exercise routine really more important that living a joyous and happy life amongst friends and family?

Here are top areas of your life where you can see the drawbacks of exercising too much

Deep fatigue and illness

Deep fatigue that doesn’t go away with a good night’s sleep. Also referred to as the “slump”, this state of being comes from over exercising for way too long. It’s equivalent of having too much credit card debt hanging over your head and finally having to declare bankruptcy. Only this is worst because your energy is you life-blood.

When you get this far in debt energetically, you open yourself up to illness. Yes, the very thing you are fighting with your exercise routine can open you up to the possibility of disease setting in. When all your energy is going towards your exercise program, then what’s going to fight off the infection?

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Drop in desires and goals

The fatigue and obsession of a rigid and demanding exercise program has to take its power from somewhere. That somewhere is your ability to generate new and fun goals, desires and wishes. It’s hard to dream when you’re stuck running on that hamster wheel of exercise.

Listlessness and general disinterest

Excitement takes energy. Interacting with others, having fulfilling relationships takes energy. Even eating food takes energy. How can you build up any interest let alone excitement about something if your only goal is to be super strong, super fast or super bodily perfection?

Depression and lackluster outlook on life

Deep fatigue seeps into your psyche and here is where you can get into murky waters. You feel you have to exercise hard to feel good. But the exercising hard makes you feel fatigued. You no longer get the rush or high from the exercise, instead you swing down towards depression and find no real meaning to life in general.

While some of these states of being from exercising too much might seem excessive, it’s important to be watching out for them. You need to constantly ask yourself how much energy you need for other aspects of your life while you are exercising. Sometimes you have no great outside demands and you can train for that marathon or ramp of the volume to lose a few extra pounds in a relatively short time. That’s fine. But if you’re ‘real life’ is one of lots of demands, pulling you in many ways, you could easily get sucked into exercising too much and then have to face the drawbacks from this over investment of your energy.

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