You Can Cure Constant Fatigue and Tiredness – Scientific Tips

You Can Cure Constant Fatigue and Tiredness – Scientific Tips

If you are constantly tired it could be due to several reasons. For many people extreme physical exertion or mental pressure could result in chronic fatigue. For some others it could be due to prolonged illness or due to medications they are taking.

Yet others may have this problem because of stress and depression. The problem could also be due to allergies in some people. So you see the reasons for chronic fatigue syndrome can be innumerable.

Your doctor would be the best person to diagnose the issue and identify the possible causes of this problem. There are no standard tests to determine the causes of constant fatigue and tiredness, however the doctor can arrive at a conclusion based on the process of elimination. One by one, those things will be eliminated which are not causing this disorder till finally you can arrive at something that could be behind the fatigue problem.

If during the diagnosis, you stumble upon something that is likely to be causing problem then you can easily give up that thing in order to put an end to the fatigue problem. However if no possible explanation or cause comes to the fore during diagnosis then you have to follow certain general steps.

1. Get good sleep: Your problem could be because you are not sleeping for long enough or the quality of sleep is not good. Try to maintain regular sleeping hours as irregular sleep patterns would affect the quality. Make sure the room is well ventilated and dark while sleeping.

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Some people sleep too much. They spend about 9-10 or more hours in a day sleeping. Realize that too much sleep is also bad and it might be making you further sleepy and less inactive. Try to strike a balance between too much and too little sleep.

2. Get some activity: Too often lack of physical activity may make us lazy and this will reduce our stamina over a period of time. If you want to improve your stamina you have to gradually start getting more active during the day.

Increase your physical activity or exercise in a slow manner so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. With sufficient amount of physical activity, you may find yourself feeling less tired.

3. Stay hydrated: Dehydration can drain out your energy. Statistics indicate many people in the USA are under-hydrated. This means they do not drink as much water as they should. This could lead to chronic fatigue syndrome as well.

When I stay hydrated, it does not mean to drink energy drinks or cola drinks. We need to stay away from them as far as possible if suffering from constant tiredness. Also stay away from caffeine related drinks. The best fluid to have is plain water.

4. Balanced diet: Missing out on important nutrients can be a cause for this disorder. Your body needs a healthy balance of all the important nutrients. So aim for a balanced diet as much as you can.

Healthy eating, staying hydrated, proper sleep and exercise can help in eliminating the problem to a huge degree. All these have to be done on a consistent basis if you want to see significant results. You should not follow the above tips for a few days and give them up when you don’t see results.

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