Why Am I Always Yawning? What Causes Chronic Fatigue Or Lack of Energy?

Why Am I Always Yawning? What Causes Chronic Fatigue Or Lack of Energy?

Ever ask yourself the question “why am I always yawning”? If you’re experiencing a chronic fatigue or lack of energy then today I’ll explain the 3 most common causes for this and what you can do today to start eliminating it. Following these tips will never have you yawning again!

3 Ways to Stop Yawning & Increase Energy:

#1 – Sleep Between 10pm & 2am: These are the critical hours of repair that your body needs to experience in order to feel fully rejuvenated for the next day. If you’re constantly going to bed late or getting 7 hours of sleep or less consistently then you’re working through a sleep debt which only builds up and will at some point make you chronically fatigued.

#2 – Don’t Overeat: Overeating is a very common cause of fatigue & chronic yawning. Essentially it depletes your energy levels to allow your body to focus entirely on digestion. So if you stuff your face just be ready to take a nap for an hour laying back in a chair because anything else is going to put your adrenals into overtime.

#3 – Candida Cleanse: Candida is a yeast which lives inside all of us & depending on a persons health it can wreak havoc on their body if not kept in check. If an overgrowth occurs digestive problems can arise, unknown allergies can appear out of nowhere, you will become much more easily fatigued & brain fog will ensue. If you feel like you’re a walking zombie with your energy & health slowly (or quickly) slipping away you need to immediately begin learning about how to take care of this chronic health problems which afflicts close to 80% of the population to varying levels.

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