Understand Your Baby

Understand Your Baby

Many parents would like an answer to solve the following baby problems:

I have a little five months boy. As every baby, he cries. Sometimes I am disarmed and wondering why he is always crying so much. I have difficulties to figure out what baby really wants. Why is he crying so much all the time? Are there ways to identify the reasons which lead him to cry so? To express their wants your baby’s have a whole repertoire of sounds from the whimper to the real cry of rage, their crying sounds are modulated and varied. Even if every child is unique and possesses specific intonations, there are some types of cries which seems common to all small babies.

The cry of hunger.

The cries of hunger can be recolonize by a shrill sound, followed by an inspiration. Then the crying starts all over again only louder… The cry is brief, rhythmic, vigorous and increased in intensity as your baby is getting more and more impatient. The cries of hunger are also the most frequents. If the crying is not due to hunger the baby will turn his head and close his mouth.

Fatigue: Another reason for crying.

The fatigue cries are more frequent at the end of the day and when the night begins by whining for no apparent reason and ends with screams and body movements (the baby wiggles, as if unable to find any appeasing positions). If the cries of fatigue can occur at any hour of the day, they are more frequent at the end of the day and when the night comes. Your son may may be crying to express that he needs you, your affection and your comforting presence. His crying time is separated by periods of silence. Your child may be bored or lonesome and needs your soothing contact… and it is not a caprice. As soon as the child feels the parent is approaching, he quiets down (giving the impression of a form of manipulation, but evidently this is not the case). The child has a real need to be reassured and wants to feel secure. It is our role to fill all his needs.. Your baby needs company or contacts with his parents.

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Finally, there are the cries of anger.

He wants you to know that he is angry, his cries are particularly acutes, difficult to sustain in terms of the acoustic which express his intense frustrations. He his hungry and you are not offering him a bottle fast enough! He wants to move and he his mobilized for long minutes on the changing table! In general, your baby will get angry every times his needs are not satisfied or understood ed. Our challenge as parents are: Stay calm and respond to its requests.