Why Am I Always Tired and How to Overcome Tiredness

Why Am I Always Tired and How to Overcome Tiredness

It seems more and more people today bring this topic up to discussion why am I always tired? It can become a burden distracting you from your works and more.

What is the cause? There are just so many contributed factors that can make you feel tired quickly.

1. Lack Of Sleeping

Many people believe that lack of sleeping will make you tired very quickly, contrary with popular opinion, lack of sleeping will not make you tired. Many people sleep for only 4 hours a day and still they can run their day full of energy. It is actually an excessive sleep causing you feel tired.

2. Are You Having A Stress

Having a stress or similar emotional costly condition can make you feel tired quickly. Having stress can trigger a surge of hormone: cortisol and adrenaline.

These hormones can lead to a fatigue related symptom, for this problem you might want to take medication or yoga class to manage your stress level.

3. Coffee

Drinking coffee can give short term energy for your body however it will cost you a lot in a long run. Caffeine contained inside coffee can destruct your body metabolism system, block a surge of several recovery hormones and this will make become tired even more. Avoid coffee or drink that has caffeine at all cost.

4. Avoid Alcohol

Sipping a small amount of alcohol at backyard part will never hurt everyone, but consuming it a lot of quantity will cost you a lot.

Not only you get more tired easily but also you will get various health problems such as digestion problem, or liver. Never consuming alcohol excessively, always know your limit.

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5. Are You Doing Exercise Extensively

You might do your workout extensively in hope to get lean muscle. However according to recent research, exercise extensively will make your body even smaller and tired, sometimes less is more.