Ten Reasons For Fatigue of the White-Collar

Ten Reasons For Fatigue of the White-Collar

Busy work makes people so exhausted that too many people complain about that every day. In fact, fatigue is not only caused by tiredness, but by many other factors in life.

1. Overuse of eyes

If you concentrate on something for too long, you will feel tired, and then you may close your eyes for a while.

2. Obesity

Overweight is a heavy burden on the human body and excessive body fat will cause fatigue.

3. A lack of exercise

People often misunderstand that exercise make them exhausted. But in fact, on the contrary, a lack of movement may lead to weaker muscle. When the body begins to use them, it will take away more energy.

4. Sleep problems

Some people often take weekends for lie-in and offer an explanation that it is to recharge their batteries. In fact they do not know that it disrupts their sleep clock and directly impacts on their mental state.

5. Psychological problems

Depression is the most common cause leading to fatigue, and bad mood, poor sleep and excessive stress will also cause fatigue.

6. Malnutrition

If your main daily diet is processed food, your body will feel tired, then you may eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, whole grains and beans.

7. A lack of secretion of thyroid hormones

Thyroid controls metabolism. If you lack secretion of thyroid hormones, the metabolism will slow down so that you feel tired.

8. Dehydration

Dehydration will cause a decline in blood volume, physical strength and energy. Generally the best drink volume per person per day is 8 to 10 glasses of water.

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9. Drugs

Taking diuretics, antidepressants, some anti-cold medicine or cough syrup category can lead to fatigue. Normally after drug withdrawal, fatigue will disappear.

10. Gloomy tones of the working environment

If the environment is dark and gloomy, you will feel fatigued easily. Thus adding yellow, orange, red colors to your working and learning environment, it will help eliminate fatigue. If you feel tired for more than one month, you should ask the doctor to analyze the root cause. Do not be careless.