Symptoms of Severe Fatigue – Find Out If You Have CFS!

Symptoms of Severe Fatigue – Find Out If You Have CFS!

Showing symptoms of sever fatigue? Find out if you have CFS, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. This article will help you to find out what chronic fatigue syndrome is and how to spot the warning signs that your body is giving to you.

CFS is one of those health disorders that render their sufferer unable to function properly in their daily lives, leaving them dependent on others around them to help them out. But what causes chronic fatigue syndrome? That is a very good question that many people, including health practitioners are asking while trying to find the answers. Very little is known about CFS, so it is often times misdiagnosed as another health issue; this happens because the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are the same as the symptoms of other more common illnesses.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is easily confused with the flu, high blood pressure, a common cold virus, or mono as in mononucleosis. Each of these disorders, including CFS causes an ongoing fatigue that eventually becomes severe over time, headaches, fevers, chills, body aches, digestive and intestinal problems, memory and perception dysfunctions, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and the inability to properly function from day-to-day living.

With most of these symptoms and health issues, they can be temporarily controlled by prescription medicines, and just as they seem to be going away they make another appearance, sometimes worse the second or third time around then the first time they showed up. When this happens; health care professionals will generally try another method, usually with the same results, leaving them to give a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Some of the speculations for the causes of CFS include too much stress in one’s life, running the rat race and overworking them selves, a traumatic event that happened to the sufferer or happened in their life, an onset of new allergies that they did not realize that they had, or it is simply all in their mind. What all of this boils down too is that no one really knows the true cause of chronic fatigue syndrome; but what is known is that this is a very real and a very serious condition that zaps one’s health. So if you suspect that you might be suffering from CFS, consult your physician and let them know of your concerns and worries; they will be able to order some exams to help rule out any of the other possibilities.