Stress and Anxiety – A Little Help From Grandma

Stress and Anxiety – A Little Help From Grandma

When I was young I used to enjoy visiting with my Grandmother and hearing about all the changes that had taken place in the world during her lifetime. She could keep my interest for hours and then top it off with the most incredible bowl of chicken and dumplings I’d ever had, at least till my next visit.

As I grew older and as the situation presented itself, Gram would share with me little antidotes or old timer remedies for various conditions. Being young, I didn’t appreciate the insight she was imparting to me. Now that I’ve grown older, I can’t say that all the old timer remedies are effective, but there is one that has become a reoccurring theme – apple cider vinegar.

There are a wide variety of claims made by apple cider vinegar devotees that may or may not be substantiated. However, when working with clients with chronic stress, anxiety, and fatigue, I strongly recommend it.

When we suffer with prolonged or ongoing stress, it is the endocrine system that takes a beating. This system is composed of the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland, the pancreas, the ovaries, the testes, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalmus.

The adrenal glands sit right above each kidney and produce small amounts of powerful hormones that control water and electrolyte balance, regulate protein breakdown, are active in energy production, and reduce inflammation.

Ongoing emotional stress weakens the function of the adrenal glands. Over time, the thyroid gland responds by becoming sluggish and moving towards a state of hypothyroidism.

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This is important because one of the duties of the thyroid gland is to eliminate a chemical called guanidine from the body. Guanidine is a highly toxic alkaline substance produced by the metabolic process.

If we have taxed adrenals that are producing inadequate amounts of anti-inflammatories, a weakened thyroid, and/or a diet high in meats and grains, guanidine can be a problem. Tissue alkalosis caused by excessive guanidine can result in calcium depletion, osteoporosis, cramping, muscle twitching, arthritis, joint pain, allergies, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, and a higher risk of heart attack.

I’ll bet my Grandmother didn’t know how apple cider vinegar works, but it does. Apple cider vinegar is a mild acetic acid that neutralizes the alkaline guanidine.

Take on to two teaspoons in a bit of water following your meals. Feeling better may be a dose or two away.