PMS Symptoms – PMS Affects Everyone

PMS Symptoms – PMS Affects Everyone

Because you’re the one who experiences the symptoms of PMS, you think that it’s your problem and yours alone. Not true.

In fact, if your PMS symptoms affect you negatively, chances are the result is a negative impact on all of those in your world. Mood swings, unexplained anger, depression and fatigue, affect your family and your partner who must endure these symptoms right along with you. Have you ever become angry with your children or your husband for “no reason?”

Well, there is a reason. Your anger, though directed at family members, is actually caused by a hormonal imbalance within your body, leading to a range of emotions and, of course, the physical aches and pains that arrive 7-14 days before your period.

The same is true with your friends. You may find yourself so depressed that a night out with friends is impossibility. You may become annoyed with a best friend for no reason – or at least one your friend can’t identify – leaving him or her to wonder what went wrong.

And what about your co-workers? When experiencing PMS symptoms, memory and reasoning functions are diminished. Your cognitive skills are not up to standard and your work suffers. Often, your co-workers pay the price for your PMS – and they never know why, or even what they did wrong!

PMS is certainly about you since you experience the emotional and physical effects of the syndrome each month. But you don’t live in a vacuum. You interact with others – family, friends, co-workers, and other drivers on the highway, people who are “in your way” at the store – the whole world is affected by your PMS symptoms if you don’t take steps to address these symptoms.

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The key is simple. You must be pro-active in maintaining your own good health. No one can do it for you. You experience the symptoms; you have to find a solution to address those symptoms.