One Symptom of Diabetes – Chronic Fatigue

One Symptom of Diabetes – Chronic Fatigue

Many of the symptoms of diabetes can be so subtle that often times the signs of diabetes can go undetected by those that are diagnosed with the disease. Chronic fatigue is one of those symptoms.

Unfortunately most times it can be quite easy to overlook many of the symptoms of diabetes, for example, frequent feelings of thirst, more than the usual sweet cravings as well as slight feelings of depression are symptoms that are associated with many different conditions and diseases. Diabetics can often go without any knowledge that they are indeed suffering from such a devastating disease, and then all suddenly they’re hit with a heart attack or stroke, which reveals the devastating news that not only did they just suffer a heart attack or stroke but that he or she is also suffering from diabetes.

Situations like the one previously stated are becoming more and more frequent as millions of Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. Because the symptoms of diabetes can masquerade as so many other less threatening problems, often times many people never think a condition that they may be facing at the moment could actually be a pre diabetes symptom.

For example feelings of exhaustion can be one of the telltale symptoms of diabetes. But how many times have any one of us you have ever gone to bed feeling exhausted only to arise with the same feelings of exhaustion? This could be attributed to a host of things. Believe it or not often times an overall feeling of being tired all of the time can be one of the signs of diabetes.

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It is important to pay attention to one’s own body. If you are going to bed at a reasonable hour that is sufficient enough that it should provide an adequate amount of sleep, and you are still feeling tired upon arising in the mornings, it may be time to discuss this with your health care provider. He or she can prescribe tests that can evaluate your blood sugar level that will determine if in fact you are experiencing any symptoms of diabetes. If you are at risk for diabetes more tests will likely be prescribed.

If high blood sugar levels happen to be what is causing your fatigue then you can take steps that will help to combat these symptoms of diabetes. Unfortunately many people are unaware of the fact that they are walking around with the onset of diabetes. By the time they discover that their symptoms where in fact diabetes, much more damage has began the damage to their bodies. This unfortunately can play havoc in so many people’s lives

For example, often time feeling tired is not only one of the symptoms of diabetes but it is also often acquainted with the flu or even the common cold. Extreme feelings of fatigue can be a sign that something is wrong with our health.