Lose Weight, Fight Fatigue, Feel Great! Know How One Small Berry Does it All

Lose Weight, Fight Fatigue, Feel Great! Know How One Small Berry Does it All

A small berry has gained worldwide attention because of its immense contribution to beauty and wellness. Acai berry, the small fruit resembling a grape or a purple marble which is grown from the Acai palm in the Amazon Rainforest, has been a traditional food eaten by the people of this region. It was only in the ’50’s that doctors realized its potentials in the field of medicine and health. Recent studies uncovered that this little berry is the most powerful fruit in the world. So many are interested to know how a small berry does it all.

About 65 million Americans are overweight and desire to shed their extra pounds. Unfortunately, only around 5% to 10% are successful. Some of them have become victims to scams or quick fads of losing weight. But you can really lose weight, fight fatigue and afterwards feel great by eating Acai berry. It contains an excessive supply of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

When you eat fatty greasy food that you are unable to digest properly, they deposit waste and toxins in your digestive tract, making you gain weight, feel bloated and tired. When antioxidants get in your digestive system, they purify and detoxify by driving out pounds of extra waste and toxins as fecal matters. The metabolic process of burning transfat and extra calories even while you’re asleep eliminates extra pounds.

As the highest source of energy and carbohydrates, Acai berry fights against fatigue and its increased content of antioxidants causes a rapid rise of energy and stamina. Its antioxidant power is tremendously greater compared to that of other fruits as blue berries and apples.

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Aside from its functions as an aid to weight loss and eliminating fatigue, Acai berry supports the immune system, improves digestion, reduces pain and soreness, fights aging and inflammation, increases sex drive, fights cancer, arthritis, diabetes and other diseases and protects against heart disorders.