How to Increase Your Energy and Reduce Fatigue – 5 Natural Energy Boosters

How to Increase Your Energy and Reduce Fatigue – 5 Natural Energy Boosters

Do you leap out of bed each morning bursting with energy, or do you have to drag yourself to the bathroom and that wake up shower? Like millions of others, do you need that first cup of coffee before you can face the rigours of the day?

You are certainly not alone, as fatigue is the second most treated medical complaint in the USA. Furthermore coffee, while giving that kick start to your day is certainly not the answer to your problem. Firstly, caffeine is well known to cause problems itself and secondly, because the effects of caffeine can last for about 12 hours, then taking coffee later in the day can cause insomnia, which simply adds to the problem.

However, do not despair. Mother Nature has a whole host of natural energy boosters that can significantly enhance your energy levels. Lets look at five of the most popular, effective and completely natural ways to increase your energy and reduce fatigue, naturally.

a) Bee Pollen – is packed full of amino acids, enzymes, glucosides, plant hormones, minerals and vitamins so is it any wonder that it increases energy and vitality?

b) Royal Jelly – is a complex product produced in the hive to nourish the queen bee and cannot be recreated synthetically. It is used widely for its many health promoting benefits including boosting energy levels and reducing fatigue.

c) Siberian Ginseng – used medicinally for thousands of years for stimulating the immune system and for combating stress and depression. Athletes find it helps enhance performance and reduce fatigue.

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d) Cayenne – boosts energy by improving circulation and helps to ward off colds, infections, sore throats and even helps reduce pain and inflammation.

e) Gotu Kola – a herb, very popular with herbalists, because with its many nutrients, it provides a fast energy boost. Unlike caffeine, it actually promotes restful sleep.

Of course, this is just scratching the surface and we have only considered five of the many natural products that that will increase your energy and reduce fatigue, substantially.

Mother Nature is a great provider, but we tend to overlook her generosity in favour of prescribed drugs and over-the-counter products, which generally cost a great deal more than those simple natural remedies. Isn’t that strange?

This article has offered just a brief insight into one simple aspect of nature providing effective remedies for your health problems. Why not take a little time to find out what other health benefits you can obtain from “Mother Nature’s Pharmacy”. You might be very pleasantly surprised.