How to Fight Fatigue – You Don’t Have to Be Tired Anymore

How to Fight Fatigue – You Don’t Have to Be Tired Anymore

I can’t even begin to tell you how many of my friends are always complaining about being tired or fatigued. Heck, I often complain myself about being tired for no particular reason. It’s not like I’ve been up late recently or that I’m working any harder than normal or that there’s any stress in my life above average… no I just feel tired sometimes and I don’t like it!

So I thought I would sit down today and write a short little article to help you with some tips on how to battle fatigue. These simple tricks should wake you right up.

The first thing you should do is drink more water. This may seem simplistic but it’s true that we don’t drink enough water these days and it can often be the main factor that causes us to get tired out of turn. Drinking water helps us flush out toxins from the body which is fairly important. The body needs at least 64 ounces of water a day and when you get less than that your body starts to shut down and you feel fatigued.

Another tip is to eat small but eat often. We are trained to eat three big meals a day but when we do that it puts our blood sugar glucose levels on a roller coaster and the low glucose can cause you to become tired during the day. If you eat every three hours, that should help keep your energy levels up by steadying out your glucose levels. Keep these meals small and adding a good mix of protein and fiber in every meal is important. Also be sure to eat plenty of vegetables.

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Next you should really think about salt intake. If you have high blood pressure then you should definitely stay away from salt without a doubt. But for regular healthy people, moderate salt intake actually boosts your energy levels because salt helps the body hold onto water which I already explained that we need.

Finally consider magnesium which is a specific mineral that’s needed for several processes in your body. What happens is that chocolate, caffeine, soft drinks, and other highly processed foods typically depletes our body of magnesium which can often make us tired. Consult with a doctor in order to find a good magnesium supplement and the right dosage for you.

If none of these tricks or tips help you to combat fatigue, you should seriously consider seeing a doctor because you may have some more serious ailment causing you to get tired every day. But other than that, good old-fashioned exercise also does wonders for waking you up in the afternoon and you really can never go wrong with a little extra exercise, am I right?