How Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Help Your Business

How Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Help Your Business

From production lines to offices, millions of workers spend the majority of their time on their feet. This can produce sore feet and legs, back strain, even neck injuries and headaches. While there may be no way to avoid spending the majority of the day standing, there are ways to prevent the kinds of strains and stress that fall on your employees, which in turn cause lost hours and decreased productivity. Healthy employees are much more attentive and productive, not to mention much more loyal and happier overall. Alleviating the strain associated with the hours of prolonged standing also improves the quality of the work being performed.

Comfortable shoes only go so far when it comes to reducing foot, leg and back strain. Anti-fatigue floor mats are designed to provide support and increase the comfort of individuals who spend a lot of time standing in one spot. This is especially true if your employees are working on a concrete floor. Rubber mats allow the worker to spend more time concentrating on the job and hand and less time dealing with sore feet. These mats often have beveled edges which keep cords and other things from catching on them and prevent people from tripping over.

Anti-fatigue flooring is also generally designed to be oil and chemical-resistant. This makes them excellent for use in areas where liquids are being used. Their anti-slip nature makes their safety value even higher. The variety of sizes and shapes that they are available in means that there is most likely an anti-fatigue mat suitable for your work environment. These mats are good for more than just standing on in one place. If an employee moves around in one area quite a bit throughout the day, a larger mat will allow them to work on a cushioned surface throughout the day. They can also be used in high traffic areas.

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If the work area changes periodically, then an interlocking mat provides a high level of adjustability. Anti-fatigue mats not only increase productivity and create more comfortable employees; they can play a large part in reducing work comp claims. A more productive and more attentive worker is a bonus for any company. If you have noticed that your employees are taking breaks to walk around or are constantly shifting their weight from foot to foot, then it may be time to invest high quality Anti Fatigue Floor Mats for your business.