Don’t Let Perimenopausal Fatigue Keep You Down

Don’t Let Perimenopausal Fatigue Keep You Down

Stretching Away Those Pre Menopause Symptoms

In today’s day and age of connectivity and constant stress, many women are looking for a simple way to get menopausal relief and attune themselves more acutely with their bodies. A growing trend, especially for menopausal women, is to find this lost connection with the self by engaging in Yoga. While many women have heard of Yoga, very few know what it is, or more importantly, what it can do for women during their age of menopause.

What is Yoga?

Put simply, Yoga is a way of life. While there are some that believe Yoga is a religion, they are incorrect in that assumption. There are eight “limbs,” or steps to Yoga, but in Western Culture the two that draw the most attention are body postures, or Asanas and breathing exercises, or Pranayama. The following is a list of the remaining eight limbs.

1. Universal Morality – Yama

2. Personal Observances – Niyama

3. Control of the Senses – Pratyahara

4. Concentrating and Cultivating Awareness – Dharana

5. Devotion and Meditation – Dhyana

6. Union or Harmony – Samadhi

What Can Yoga Do?

The goal of Yoga is to provide practitioners a path to unity and self-awareness. However, Yoga also provides many people, again especially perimenopausal women, with the ability to reconnect with their bodies and provide physical activity that many have lost since their earlier years. In addition, women experiencing pre menopause symptoms will find that by slowing down and taking the time to “listen” to their bodies, they can develop a greater appreciation for the changes that are taking place within. In turn, this appreciation can help foster a more successful transition. Furthermore, the obvious benefits, increased limberness, and decreased mood swings for example, can translate into more fulfilling physical experiences in one’s life.

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How Does One Get Started?

There are a number of ways for anyone interested to start experiencing the benefits of Yoga. The following highlights two key ways:

1. Enroll in a Class – There any many Yoga studios across the country as well as countless classes offered at local gyms. Often times throughout the year gyms and studios will offer promotional deals that will provide a free session, allowing those that are unsure the ability to try a class before committing financially. By enrolling in a class you can feed off the energy in the room and meet new people. When enrolling in a class, be sure the instructor has at least 200 hours of training.

2. Buy a Book or DVD – Purchasing an at home Yoga aid is a great way for beginners to get comfortable with the art. Allowing the interested party the ability to find their center at home and away from the stress of a public class can help build confidence and often times will lead to enrollment in a local group.

The benefits of Yoga for perimenopausal women are numerous. Key among the benefits is the menopausal relief you will appreciate in today’s fast-paced world. By practicing Yoga, women will find menopausal support despite the frustrating growing pains associated with their path to becoming a new woman.