Quickest Way to Lose Weight is Here

Quickest Way to Lose Weight is Here

Our weight cannot be separated from our system just like our height. It’s very important in order to determine our basal metabolic rate or what we usually call as the BMR. Our BMR measures the total caloric expenditure we use up for an entire day of activity. I always make it a point to measure mine first, so that I can ascertain the quickest way to lose weight. Let me share you my three secret weapons for keeping an ideal weight.

Water – Cliche as it may seem, drinking lots of water can actually decrease the pounds you are having right now. Water also holds the title of being the greatest solvent that even fat can be liquefied. I drink eight to ten glasses of water with the intention to remove otherwise, cleanse my body from unwanted toxins that kept on polluting my system.

Diet – My all time favorite miracle worker. Taken from the food pyramid, all of it is actually tasteful and tangy especially when cooked in a really enticing sauce. Personally, I follow the South Beach Diet in which all food groups can be consumed. Now, I don’t force myself to eat bitter-tasting veggies.

Junk Foods – The name says it all. These foods won’t do anything to our body. First, it is completely packed with unknown ingredients and second, it contains a huge amount of salt that can trigger the increase of blood pressure. These are actually my comfort foods but after gaining weight, I quickly stopped the habit and replaced it with a healthier choice.

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The quickest way to lose weight is in fact written in front of you. Don’t waste time and shed those excess fats off your body promptly.