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Anti-Fatigue Matting – Do They Help?

Anti-Fatigue Matting – Do They Help?

Relief to works that stand on hard flooring for long periods of time comes with the anti-fatigue matting products. These ergonomic products are designed to relieve fatigue, back and leg pain that comes from standing for long periods of time. While this matting was first geared toward industrial purposes only, the scene is changing as of late and new products are being made that focus on individual use.

Who Needs Anti-Fatigue Matting?

Anyone that stands for long periods of time on hard flooring are ideal candidates for anti-fatigue matting. Some of the common roles are, but not limited to the following:

· Grocery clerks

· Hospital Workers

· Lab Workers

· Any employee required to stand for long periods of time

Recently, the matting has taken on a whole new audience in the form of the stay at home moms. They are using these mats when they are doing household task that require them to stand for a long period of time. Some of these common tasks are , but not limited to the following:

· Washing dishes

· Ironing

· Folding Clothes

· Cooking

What are the benefits of Anti-Fatigue Matting?

The benefits are almost too many to mention. Where these products used to have a well defined area they were used for, new areas like mentioned above are increasing the benefits of using them. Some of the common benefits are, but limited to the following:

· Reduce back pain

· increase circulation

· increase productivity

· reduce spinal compression

· reduce back and leg pain

If you stand for long periods of time on hard flooring, you should carefully consider purchasing an anti-fatigue mat.…

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The Way To Improve Your Power All Through The Day

The Way To Improve Your Power All Through The Day

In the event you walk around all day and ask your self: “why am I so tired?” Then you happen to be probably not getting 1 of these 3 primary pillars suitable in your life. This may well not be groundbreaking but everyone tends to get them wrong. The 3 primary pillars that provide you with power and vitality are sleep, physical activity, and eating plan. When 1 of those three areas of one’s life is off it really is incredibly difficult to get the appropriate amount of energy coursing by way of you throughout the day.

The very first factor we’ll search at is sleep. I’m sure a whole lot of you have heard that the proposed level of sleep for adults is 8 to 10 hrs. The problem is, this does not seriously take into account appropriate sleep cycles. We as humans go in and out of deep sleep throughout the evening. These cycles take place in 90 minute increments. Should you interrupt your sleep pattern though you’re in the deep sleep phase the body is going to be begging you to comprehensive that sleep cycle for the rest in the day. The top point to do is let your body wake up naturally in the end with the cycle whilst you happen to be within your lightest sleep phase.

Physical activity is a different aspect of life that a lot of people don’t devote sufficient interest to. We’re all just also busy. The issue is, in case you forgot about physical activity you won’t have sufficient power to complete the common day to day points in life anyway. The uncomplicated act of obtaining your heart rate up for 10 minutes every day will greatly increase your power and allow you to cruise by way of your day a great deal less difficult.

Your diet is yet another place that a lot of people can improve on. If you’d like more power throughout the day try to eat wholesome foods in smaller portions far more regularly throughout the day. This will increase your metabolism and retain you buzzing. The moment individuals get rid of tiredness they are astonished at how various their life becomes. Folks go via life inside a haze lots in the time and under no circumstances comprehend just how much far more power they ought to be enjoying.

Here’s one more tip to assist you increase your power. It really is all about your breath. Oxygen traveling by way of your bloodstream increases energy exponentially. For that reason, try taking deep breaths slowly and regularly. The moment you take in your initially breath, hold that breath for a count of ten, then slowly exhale for twice as long as you held the breath in for. This seriously circulate oxygen all through your blood and will drastically enhance your energy. Try carrying out this three occasions a day.…

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Phenibut – Emphasizing Phenibut’s Importance in the Treatment of Anxiety and Extreme Stress

Phenibut – Emphasizing Phenibut’s Importance in the Treatment of Anxiety and Extreme Stress

Phenibut is short for b-phenyl y-aminobutyric acid and the precursor of the neurotransmitter gamma amino butyric acid or GABA.

This substance was discovered at a Russian laboratory hoping to increase the threshold to extreme stress and fatigue of Russian cosmonauts especially when traveling in a very limited, closed space in outer space.

The scientists proved that phenibut can treat symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder. It has since been made a must-have dietary supplement that is always present in a cosmonaut’s medical emergency kit. It was found to be the ideal supplement for cosmonauts because it does not cause drowsiness, unlike regular tranquilizers.

Phenibut is believed to possess nootropic or intelligence-enhancing properties, for its ability to improve intellectual performance, improve memory, concentration, and attention span. It is a key component in learning, remembering and speaking a language, in solving complex formulas and problems and making major decisions.

It is important in emotional intelligence, planning, abstract reasoning, abstract thinking and learning. It is also important in motivation and retention.

Phenibut has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and thus can penetrate the central nervous system. It asserts its calming and tranquilizing effects making it effective for people who suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea and helps in improving irregular sleep patterns. It asserts its sedative effects on people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks by calming frayed nerves.

Phenibut is perfect for cosmonauts because unlike the regular tranquilizers that cause sleepiness, it does not contain ingredients that make people drowsy. It has the ability to significantly reduce stress and anxiety especially among cosmonauts who are confined in a very small and closed space for long periods but maintaining physical strength and stamina.

It is also sometimes used as anticonvulsant to treat people suffering from epilepsy and bipolar disorder due to its mood stabilizing properties. It is used to treat patients suffering from pain cause by certain diseases such as abnormal sensations felt in some parts of the body.

The sensation felt by the patient is characterized by burning sensation, sometimes numbness, itching all over the body and the feeling of having “pins and needles”.

Phenibut is also believed to improve the level of efficiency of dopamine functions in the body and counteracts the effects of phenyletyhlamine.

Don’t take phenibut if you drink alcohol, if you take any kind of sedatives, or under prescription medications such as MAO inhibitors and medications for epilepsy without consulting your doctor.…

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The Consequence of Joint Pain and Fatigue

The Consequence of Joint Pain and Fatigue

The opposite of fatigue is feeling energized. We all need to have enough energy to fulfill the tasks that are necessary. Many of us have to take the kids to school and complete other activities. Perhaps we even have to get to work our self. There are many other tasks that are necessary to lead a fulfilled life.

One of the reasons for our energy level dropping is joint pain and fatigue. Of course, this doesn’t happen to everyone and there must be a reason for this happening. Most commonly it happens to those who play sport. The other common reason is the condition of arthritis. There are many more reasons that can be determined by a medical professional.

Even if you are living a life that is fairly healthy you will feel pain and you will feel tired from it. In order to get rid of pain in the joints is to find a way to heal the inflammation that occurs. There are natural remedies that are used for this purpose and some are sold across the counter. There are also conventional medicines that can be used. Some of these can be bought across the counter while others require a prescription.

It is very important to ensure you keep up the required level of nutrition for a healthy life. If you start losing your appetite or neglecting nutritional requirements your energy level will flag even more. It will also help if you take a nutritional supplement that is designed for keeping the joints in good working order.

If fatigue that is caused from pain in the joints is affecting your life then you must take the necessary action. You must work with a medical professional to find the cause and a solution to this condition. A treatment plan that is designed for your individual requirements is necessary.…

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Can the Foods You Eat Make You Hurt More? Part 4

Can the Foods You Eat Make You Hurt More? Part 4

Hi Folks,

I believe that “The Wellness Prescription” advice to avoid inflammatory foods is working. I still have pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but I’m doing more activity without as much of an increase in my Fibromyalgia pain and Chronic Fatigue exhaustion as I used to experience with extra activity. Common sense would suggest that if I were maintaining the same level of activity as before I started “The Wellness Prescription” advice that I would be experiencing less pain. However, my business is growing very quickly right now and I have the choice of doing more activity than “usual” with the possibility of extra fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms or letting opportunities slip by that may affect my long-term financial well-being. So, I’m choosing to do the extra activity and pray that the changes I’ve made in my eating habits, getting the mercury removed from my teeth, and everything else that I’m doing to recover will help me get through without any major flare ups.

Here’s an insightful response to my last article (Part 3 about when to give up) that I thought might be helpful to you. “As to giving up, I visualize a waterfall. It flows continuously no matter what obstacles might be thrown in its way. However, the flow may not force the object away, but simply go over, around or otherwise beyond it. The obstacle simply does not matter. The flow continues no matter what.

As to dieting, my simple advice is always a lifestyle based on eating foods (as much as we are committed to) that do not come in a wrapper, and have no listed ingredients. No bag, box or bottle. The closer you coordinate your eating habits with natural, unadulterated foods, the greater you give your body a chance to build, grow and heal.” by David Merrill

Here’s to Feeling Better!…

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Fatigue Symptom Checklist – Do Any of These Symptoms Apply to You?

Fatigue Symptom Checklist – Do Any of These Symptoms Apply to You?

People who are tired a lot are always asking me about making a chronic fatigue symptom checklist, and honestly I’ve gotten so many requests for one that I’m simply going to have to comply. For those of you who may be experiencing real, continuous fatigue for the first time let me introduce you to a new term: chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). This illness is being diagnosed more and more frequently in the United States. Sadly this debilitating condition often goes mis-diagnosed for years or even decades due to its relatively common symptoms. Only a trained physician with a long and carefully recorded patient history has any real chance at making a proper assessment of a patient with this condition.

What common symptoms might I be talking about? Well that’s where this chronic fatigue symptom checklist I’m supposed to put together for you should answer some questions. When you’ve had a chance to look at the chronic fatigue symptom checklist you’d be well advised to think about how the symptoms on it relate not only to your present feeling of general tired-ness, but also your longer-term history of illness and general activity level. Think about how your life has played out relative to your peers. Do they have less frequent occurrences of the symptoms on the chronic fatigue symptom checklist? Without further adieu, here are some of the symptoms associated with CFS.

Potential Symptoms May Include:

Extreme tiredness without known cause

Reduced productivity and or desire to ‘live life fully’

Consistent sore or irritated throat

Short term memory problems

Joint and or muscle pain without cause

Waking up after sleep feeling more tired than you went to bed

Constant low grade fever and/or headaches…

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Law of Attraction & Journey Work Helping Betty With Chronic Fatigue & Pain

Law of Attraction & Journey Work Helping Betty With Chronic Fatigue & Pain

Betty is a woman in her late forties. She has suffered from clinical depression, alcohol and drug addictions, an eating disorder and chronic pain with fatigue. She has been suffering for over 12 years now. She was sexually abused several times as a child and she knew that this was the root cause of the distress that was happening.

Betty has been highly motivated to feel better and get well. She has tried many things and it was not until Journey work did she finally get permanent results. What is Journey work? Journey work is a revolutionary, yet simple, set of skills, that helps a person release old past issues that are affecting a persons health and well-being in the present. You can read more about Journey work on the site below.

Chronic pain and fatigue is rampant. It is a name used to define a set of symptoms that affect a persons well being. It robs you of your life energy and quality of life.

Betty experienced about 6 Journey sessions. These were a combination of the physical, the emotional and the designer Journey processes. The last Journey process with Betty was a combination emotional / pain control.

After these six processes, Betty reports huge shifts in her health. She said her depression has gone from 10 day stints to 10 minute intervals. She is a trained herbalist and was not seeing any way to practice her work because of her difficulties and energy levels. She now is hopeful and optimistic. She has cleared major traumas from her body. The chronic fatigue would not even be her diagnosis now.

After the pain control /emotional process, she reported have incredible pain reduction and was enormously relieved.

All of the advanced skills often used in Journey work, were used with Betty. As well, she was able to experience the Abundance process. Betty has been financially poor her whole adult life, living in worry about money from month to month. In the Abundance process, she was helped to clear up where her poverty mentality first began. Then it was possible to teach her how to think in the present about her financial well-being.

It is her constant attention to her financial distress that keeps her in this place. And so the work is to, ‘yes’ clean up the past but also to learn how to think in the present. Each thought is creating her reality and so it was brought to her attention how she was feeling and thinking in the present moment. This is really the teaching of the law of attraction, the most powerful law in the universe, that was presented. What you think about and feel about, you bring forth into your reality.

Betty will continue working until she feels she can take this work and do it with herself. Betty has been so moved by her own results, she has begun working with her friends using the Journey processes.

I am thrilled to hear this because this is something you can teach, so that others are empowered to create wonderful lives for themselves. We are the creators of our own realities. When we realize that we are this powerful, it is well worth putting thought and time into learning about this most powerful law in the universe, The Law of Attraction.

Any illness is a creation of the person it inhabits. Of course we do not realize we are creating illness through our thoughts but each thought has a life of it own.

The goal is to be a conscious creator, instead of a creator by accident. To learn more about Journey work, law of attraction and other health empowering teachings go to the site below.…