Boost Your Energy With These 7 Simple Fixes

Boost Your Energy With These 7 Simple Fixes

1.) Eat more protein

When you do this and what’s mentioned below you don’t necessarily produce more energy but you help keep your blood sugar from spiking which then causes a fall in blood sugar AND in your energy level. Have protein with each meal as well as a couple of protein snacks between.

2.) Get some sleep

Yes, sleep. Though it sounds contrary, you need to be rested to have energy. Just like mom told you, get your 8 hours in. Turn off the TV, the computer, put down the book. Go to bed.

3.) Take a time out

Yea, go stand in the corner. No, not really, just do it while saying your mantra. But seriously, stress is by far the most common cause or aggravating factor in the many of the ailments suffered today. Stress reduction in the way of sitting quietly, meditating, praying or just starring outside has been shown to reduce stress hormones dramatically. Find a method that suites you and do it about 15 or 20 minutes a day – twice a day if possible.

4.) Drink water

Yes, you already know that the human body is about 60% water but what are you really doing about it? The millions of biochemical reactions that give you life work in a sea of water and less water makes these reactions run inefficiently. It’s also necessary to clean up and detoxify your system. Drink about half your bodyweight in ounces (and don’t wander too far from the bath room).

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5.) Laugh

This is another stress reducer but also with the added benefit of putting you in a more positive mind-set. Moods tend to engender themselves; if you feel negative, your whole experience of life tends to be negative. Negativity drains energy. So then what does positivity then do for your energy? Yea, that’s right; it tends to increase your energy. Lighten up; watch a comedy, read a joke book. Do what you can to stay positive.

6.) Take a walk

Another contrarian sounding idea, but you know it works. Regular exercise effects your metabolism in a number of positive ways. One is to put your nervous system in a net “parasympathetic” mode, the mode of rest and repair, the time of energy production and conservation. The opposite is the “sympathetic” mode; this is the adrenaline, fight or flight mode that expends energy. Get some regular exercise, even walking will do.

7.) Skip sugar

Simple sugars, in particular the really nasty ones like the refined sugar in sodas, candy, pastry, etc. These “foods” wreak havoc on your insulin levels taking your blood sugar on a not so merry-go-round. It also plays an indirect role in perpetuating inflammation not to mention obesity and all the problems that come as a result. Do yourself a favor and cut refined sugars out.