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Anti-Fatigue Mats Reduce Strain on Employees and Increase Productivity

Anti-Fatigue Mats Reduce Strain on Employees and Increase Productivity

Anti-fatigue matting is essential for efficiency and improved productivity in the work place. How? When employees need to stand for an extended period of time on hard work surfaces, their feet, legs, back, and other body parts can start to ache. Anti-fatigue mats help to fight these pains and thereby improve productivity; read on to learn how.

When a person stands on a concrete slab or other hard work surface, invariably the person will get uncomfortable, and their mind may wander off the job and on to his or her discomfort. Focusing on their aches and not the job at hand can not only result in getting work done slower, it also opens the door to industrial accidents. Simply using anti-fatigue rubber mats allows workers to stand at their station and experience much less discomfort, making them much better workers.

Anti-fatigue matting is thicker than regular floor mats, and usually features some kind of sponge coat to cushion the feet and provide less wear and tear on the joints. Additionally, most anti-fatigue mats include non-slip traction on their undersides and anti-skip grooves, perforations or patterning on their topsides to prevent employee slips and falls. Specialty anti-fatigue floor mats are also available that can be grease proof or grease resistant.

Furthermore, most anti-fatigue mats have colored borders. So employees get the benefit of comfort on the job, and they also have a built in warning device (a bright colored stripe) showing that the mat is about to end, and that industrial equipment is about to begin.

Where should anti-fatigue mats be used? Quite simply, they should be used wherever workers need to stand for any extended period of time. Cashiers obviously would benefit, but it goes way beyond retail stores. Production line workers working at production tables or conveyors certainly would experience the advantages of these mats. Restaurant preparation employees spend long hours on their feet as well. You could even put this matting in the aisles of your warehouse. Basically any and every organization that has workers that stand with any regularity will be very pleased with their employers providing anti-fatigue matting.

Your employees will feel more comfortable, allowing them to pay attention to producing quality products while keeping a keen eye on safety. A person with aching legs or back tends to worry about his or her pains and not about other dangerous workplace issues – purchase this potentially life-saving matting, decrease employee strain, and increase worker productivity today!…

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Symptoms of Fatigue and Dizziness? This Could Be Why!

Symptoms of Fatigue and Dizziness? This Could Be Why!

Do you suffer from symptoms of fatigue and dizziness but have no clue as to why you are feeling this way? Then read on as this article will point out and explain three reasons that could be why you are experiencing symptoms of fatigue and dizziness.

What most people do not realize is that chronic fatigue, ongoing tiredness, and occasional dizziness could point to more serious problems within the chemical balance in their bodies. Of course these symptoms are common in other illnesses such as high blood pressure, mononucleosis, and influenza, they generally are nothing that modern medicine and tests are able to eliminate from the body.

Yes, you read that correctly, there are illnesses that affect the body that go beyond the true help of conventional medicine, yet is simple enough to treat that home remedies and alternative health options might be able to eradicate from your body. Modern medical practitioners will agree that chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS is a growing problem among many people; yet they do not always agree on what causes CFS in people.

That is where a homeopathic doctor will come in handy with some valuable information; after having tried modern medicines to remove the symptoms and cure the illness, only for it to fail should help to open your eyes to the fact that there is something deeper at work causing the chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are three main conditions that can sap the energy from the body, making a person overly tired and extremely fatigued. These conditions are more like infections that take place naturally in nearly everyone; yet no one is aware of their presence until the symptoms grow severe enough that they start seeking answers.

These three conditions include the following: parasites infecting or nesting in the body’s tissues, heavy metal poisoning, and a candida yeast fungal infection attacking your intestines. Each of these three conditions can be picked up around one’s personal environment, and all of them sap the main energy sources in the body, such as the adrenal glands, and attacking the body by lowering the immune system.

Parasites can be picked up through daily consumption of food and drink; there is no way around this infection as a body needs the nourishment that eating and drinking provides. Parasites attach to the tissues in your body feeding off of the nutrients found there. Yet using a parasitic cleanse can help eliminate the majority of the parasites from your body.

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic can be picked up around the house without having and prior knowledge that they are present. These metals attack and lower the immune system once high enough levels are running through the blood stream. Constant hand washing and keeping things that are not food and drink out of your mouth can help lower the levels of these metals within the body; while a cleanse can help flush them from your system.

Candida yeast naturally grows in the intestines, yet when there is an overgrowth of this fungus in the body; it then becomes a fungal infection. Taking prescription medicines and antibiotics on a regular or a daily basis only helps to feed the candida in the body, causing it to grow and reproduce until there is too much for your system to handle. Again, much like with the parasites and the heavy metals, there is a cleanse that can be used to flush the overgrowth of fungus from the body; and limiting your intake of conventional medicines will help keep the levels of natural candida in your body at a minimum.…

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Is Your Job Making You Cross Eyed – Three Ways to Reduce Eye Fatigue?

Is Your Job Making You Cross Eyed – Three Ways to Reduce Eye Fatigue?

How many hours do you spend in front of a computer everyday? Love them, or hate them, computers are an everyday part of our lives. Unfortunately, for many people, this is accompanied by regular occurrences of:

eye fatigue and strain,

visual disturbances,

and headaches.

Before accepting this as inevitable and popping on the glasses, there are many nutritional strategies you can implement to improve eye health and prevent strain and fatigue.

Boost Energy and Your Eyes With Taurine

While you may have heard of Taurine in supposedly *healthy* energy drinks, there is more to this amino acid than just an energy boost. Known to improve cardiovascular health, digestive health and immune fiction, Taurine is a major contributor to optical health. Dietary consumption of Taurine can help to:

alleviate eye fatigue,

prevent age related macular degeneration,

prevent cataracts.

The best source of Taurine is not energy drinks, but rather fish and most meats. Toxins including mercury, synthetic hormones, and consumption of alcohol, all destroy or interfere with absorption of Taurine and make supplementation necessary to obtain sufficient levels.

Berries, Antioxidants and Visual Superfood

Sometimes you wonder whether there is anything berries aren’t good for! If you’re not enjoying berries as part of your daily diet, start including these super foods today to unleash your full health potential.

In addition to tounge-twisting names like Lutein, Anthocyanosides, and Proanthocyanidins; many of the nutrients in berries are powerful contributors to visual health. Much of the benefit of berries comes from their antioxidant properties, helping to protect your eyes from damage.

If berries aren’t exactly your thing, many antioxidant formulas contain these active ingredients in tablet form. Make sure you choose a reputable brand that has high concentrations of the active ingredients.

Zinc, More Than Just a Sunscreen

The closest many people get to Zinc can often be in sunscreens, but although the health benefits of putting zinc cream on your eyes may be a little uncertain, increasing your Zinc intake is an altogether different thing. In fact, not only is Zinc a major requirement for protection of the optic nerve, it has also been shown to be a great way to guard against:

Age related macular degeneration, and,


Fortunately, Zinc is also very easy to obtain in the diet. Egg yolks and many meat products are naturally high in Zinc, as are most nuts. Ginger, gives your antioxidant super juices a little extra by adding a powerful Zinc kick. Low Zinc levels can sometimes lead to problems absorbing dietary Zinc, in this case supplementation is necessary to help restore normal levels.

Miso Soup for the Eyes, Just Like Chicken Soup for a Cold

If you’ve never tried miso soup, this Japanese favourite may be just the addition you need to reduce eye fatigue.

Many miso soups are made from a bonito stock. This dried, small fish, is a popular addition to a healthy diet. Bonito is most commonly used for it’s cardiovascular benefits including lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. It is this improved circulation, particularly into peripheral areas and the eyes, that makes bonito such a great way to improve optical health and reduce visual fatigue.

If you’re not keen on Miso soups, bonito based supplements are readily available in most health food stores, or online.…

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Red Eyes and Fatigue on Candida Sufferers

Red Eyes and Fatigue on Candida Sufferers

Fatigue is one of common problems faced by candidiasis sufferers. Perhaps not all of those who feel very tired all the time have red eyes, but this happens to some people, sometimes constantly for a long period of time. It looks like you have not slept for a week. Someone has been experiencing this for about a year and relates this to her body being in a state of tiredness all the time, even though she does not feel extremely tired until she has over exerted herself. For her, MSM eye drops help a lot. You can get it at GNC, or probably online. She buys two pounds of MSM for the whole family. The best thing is to buy your own “00” size veg capsules at bulk prices and fill the MSM in, and take it that way. Or, you can also mix MSM into your home-made juice.

One little secret for you, who are not aware yet: is that MSM is initially made for horses. She found an interesting thing about most animal medicines and supplements: most of them have better qualities than for human beings. A vet will also tell you the same thing.

Another recipe for irritated eyes is an eye rinse that is made out of boric acid powder. Take 1/8 teaspoon of the powder and one cup of warm distilled water. Mix them and apply to your eyes in the form of drops or with an eye cup. Boric acid powder is an antifungal and you can get it at your drug store. You can even use it to douche with or soak your feet in. Just remember that it is not edible.…

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Fatigue: Disease of the Contemporary World

Fatigue: Disease of the Contemporary World

In this contemporary world everyone has a fast and busy life. As a result little time to rest or relax which in turn leads to temporary exhaustion and fatigue in the body.

Major Causes of Fatigue:

Fatigue normally refers to the situation when person feels tired and inactive. This particular feeling could for time being or acute. It can be overcome by taking proper sleep and rest. However if it is found to be continuous and chronic then you may need to undergo and complete planned treatment to become fit and healthy.

One major factor which contributes to the occurrence of fatigue is compulsiveness. Sometimes we may come across few people who love to work continuously without taking rest till they complete all the work in hand. Thus, this anxiety makes them to be always in tension about completing their work on time.

Fatigue mainly occurs due to lack of energy or improper eating habits. The daily consumption of refined and processed foods along with while flour and sugar usually have negative effect on the body. As they usually lack the required intake of vitamins and minerals in them.

Apart from this too much stress and tension in mind may also contribute to the factors of fatigue. Physical conditions like intestinal worms, low blood sugar, anaemia, low blood pressure, allergic to foods and drugs, liver damage and insomnia also may lead to fatigue.

Remedies for Curing Fatigue

Cereal Seeds: Cereal seeds are considered to be the best dietary supplement for curing Fatigue. Cereal seeds like wheat seeds, corn seeds, maize seeds, rye seeds, oat seeds and barley seeds should be consumed in freshly milled form to enjoy perfect healthy life.

Vitamin B: Vitamins are very necessary for curing fatigue. Lack of Vitamin B or pantothenic acid in the body usually results in extreme fatigue in the body. It is advised that regular intake of 30mg of Vitamin B5 may help in overcoming fatigue. Besides this you need to intake diet rich in Vitamin B group such as rice polishing, liver, wheat germ and brewer’s yeast.

Minerals: If you are suffering from fatigue then it is really important that you need to include proper minerals into the diet plan. Oranges, potatoes, lentils and green leafy vegetables should be eaten in desired quantity to overcome the deficiency of minerals. Intake of calcium in diet is must to overcome the symptoms of fatigue such as tension and insomnia.

Dates: For curing fatigue you may also consume dates, which proves as an effective home remedy. It is advised that near about six to eight dates soaked overnight in half cup of water and is consumed by properly mincing them in water without seeds next morning nearly two times in a week to overcome fatigue.

Grapefruit: For curing fatigue it is advised that the grapefruit juice mixed with lemon juice should be consumed in equal quantity.

Dietary Recommendations:

In order to cure fatigue it is very necessary that you should eat proper nutritional diet. Medical experts disclose that people who eat three times meal a day along with snacks in between the meal time are found to be more active and efficient in their work performance. The snack diet mainly include fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, wholegrain bread sandwich, etc. the most specific time for snacking is 11 in the morning and 4 in the evening of the day.

Apart from this regular exercising like brisk walking, playing tennis, gardening, bicycling and golf playing may also help in reducing the occurrence of chronic fatigue in the body. And help you to become tension-free and energetic.

Hence, by following the above mentioned home remedies you can easily cure fatigue and make yourself fit and active.…

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How to Recognize Symptoms of Mental Exhaustion

How to Recognize Symptoms of Mental Exhaustion

Mental exhaustion is often associated with burnout and realizing that this may be happening to you is key for a good personal development. It is due to intense stress in the long term. However, there are not only people that engaged in work that may be referred to mental exhaustion. Serious problems in our personal lives can also create this state of mental fatigue.

It is rare that people recognize the signs and symptoms, they often put it down to stress. These symptoms are subtle and gradually worsen over time. That mental exhaustion occurs on the mind, but also physically, emotionally, and affects your behavior.

Let set a few symptoms:

– Weak immune. Studies have shown that the immune system may be affected. Pain may occur chronically and persons subject to mental exhaustion are more prone to disease.

– Sleep Disorder. Some people are unable to recover and sleep more than normal. Other conversely become insomniacs, thus adding to the stress.

– Fatigue. The person feels tired and unmotivated, losing the “flavor” to life. This eventually negatively affects his work and personal relationships.

– Procrastination. The simplest tasks can seem overwhelming, the person will tend to delay or avoid all responsibilities.

– Low self-esteem. Often associated with mental exhaustion, the person is inhabited by a sense of failure and helplessness. Similarly, tasks performed can bring no satisfaction. This feeling only increases the desperation and exhaustion.

– Isolation. The person will tend to isolate themselves from family and friends, becoming like a hermit looked away in their apartment or their house.

– Consumption dangerous. Often, people to meet and “comfort”, tend to eat excessively. Some increase their consumption of alcohol or take drugs. All this to try to forget their pain, when people are in a depressive state due to mental exhaustion, they often think that this life is no good and they just want to run away from it all by creating a fake reality.

Sometimes we are extremely tired after a long trip or a satisfying workout. But do not confuse these two types of fatigue. The mental exhaustion, it is much deeper. It is the result of stress levels and tensions are extremely high. It has serious consequences on our health. You must be very vigilant and detect symptoms as soon as possible. Which will take action before it is too late.

If you come to notice one (or more) of these symptoms – you must act. The first thing to do is analyze your lifestyle. Get enough sleep, do you have a balanced diet, get regular exercise? A healthy lifestyle is important to help the body to replenish energy and is the first step to increased personal development.…

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Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness that can take control over someone’s life. It causes weakness, tiredness, achiness, confusion, depression and severe fatigue. There are no tests that can be taken to figure out for sure if someone has the illness, but diagnosis is made from the process of elimination regarding symptoms and other criteria.

The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is as yet unknown, but research continues to explore possible causes. Some of the possible causes that doctors suspect are chemical imbalances in the body, possible infection such as a viral or bacterial, traumatic trauma to a person, severe stress, weakened immune system, poor diet, cancers, sleep difficulties, depression, drugs, alcoholism, behavioral problems, obesity, pesticide sprayed foods, hormone imbalance, and brain disorders.

Another cause could be an unhealthy environment where molds and toxins are in the home or work place and begin to effect the body’s immune system. When harmful toxins and mold spores are exposed to the body, some people develop flu like symptoms, become very ill and then are diagnosed with CFS.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can also be caused by physical and mental abuse. The body becomes traumatized and stressed, which begins to weaken the immune system. This can prevent the body from fighting off infections and free radical cells that could make a person very sick which can then lead to the illness.

There are so many different possible causes that may trigger Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in certain people. If you are someone in your family is struggling with nonspecific symptoms that may point to CFS, be sure to consult a health care professional that specializes in treating patients with the illness.…