Night Shift Fatigue – Have You Ever Got Stuck Behind a House Driving Home After Work?

Night Shift Fatigue – Have You Ever Got Stuck Behind a House Driving Home After Work?

Driving home after night shift can certainly be a struggle. Apart from getting stuck in traffic congestion created by our ‘Nine-to-Five Cousins’ as they head off to work, the streaming rays of sunshine as they pass through your windscreen can certainly make you want to pry your eyes open with a set of toothpicks!

But have you ever got stuck behind a house driving home after night shift?

A little peculiar? Well I thought so too, until it actually happened.

You see I’d just finished my 2030 – 0430 shift at the airport and I was looking forward to getting home, having a quick shower and tucking myself into my nice comfy bed. I could almost feel the warmth of my donah cover some 20kms from home.

I’m actually quite lucky because I don’t have to travel too far to get to work, so just like any other day I left the airport and headed over the Gateway Bridge embarking on my journey home.

Now you can understand my dismay when I got stuck behind a house that was being moved during the night (or the very early hours of the morning – depending on which way you look at it), as I crossed the bridge on my way home.

Thanks to the gigantic ‘Wide Load’ sign that was fixated to the back of the house, and the multiple police cars that were kindly escorting it to its destination, there was no way that I was going to be able to sneakily overtake this house, as it spanned the entire width of the bridge.

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So as a “law abiding citizen”, I followed this house over the bridge at snails pace, and all I could think about was how I longed to jump into my nice comfy bed, rest my weary head on my pillow and nod off into the Land of Zeds.

So my advice for you today is that the next time you’re on your way home after night shift, pack an extra supply of snacks, a travel mug and your favourite CD’s to listen too.

Even better if you can carry an extra bottle of water, because dehydration really increases your fatigue.

I’ve certainly learned that it’s always good to be prepared just in case you get stuck in a traffic jam, a typhoon, a snow storm, or in my case – behind a house!

As shift workers, we all know there is nothing worse then being tired AND hungry, as you embark on your journey home after night shift.

Oh, and you might want to keep a pack of Wet Wipes stored in your car to give your face a once over. Along with winding your window down – this and the fresh air really works a treat at helping you stay awake!