Making The Decision on Whether Coffee (In Lieu of Tea) Is Right For You

Making The Decision on Whether Coffee (In Lieu of Tea) Is Right For You

The inevitable choice a person makes betwixt coffee and tea is one that is simply one of individual preference. Ignoring the obviousness of this, there happens to be a few tidbits of information that a man or woman trying to decide between the two beverages might be better off for keeping in their mind. While hot tea is largely already considered the health beverage, coffee — America’s drug of choice — very well may have some health benefits as well. In fact, a growing body of scientific research is showing hot coffee may have health effects such as a reducing your risk of diabetes.

Reduced risk of stroke in women is also another documented health benefit of coffee drinking. Interestingly, however, drinking coffee isn’t that great of a cure to the problem of fatigue. It is now a widely documented fact that coffee’s stimulating effects in the minds of the addicted consumers is most certainly nothing more than decreasing the amount of fatigue being experienced as a consequence of withdrawal from the caffeine itself. This is, of course, a truth that encompasses most addictive drugs, of which coffee and any caffeine containing beverage is one of.

In fact, caffeine is one of the most frequently used habit-forming drugs there is. The potential for its habituation is readily apparent to any individual who has had the opportunity to observe any frequent consumer for any reasonable length of time. If a man or woman has been drinking a great quantity of the substance known as caffeine whether coffee or tea, but particularly coffee, and abruptly quits… one thing is for certain: they have a whopper of a migraine waiting for them! They may find themselves just a little bit grumpy as well.

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Coffee has more caffeine content on a cup per cup basis than tea of any type. This is one reason many men and women perhaps prefer to drink tea in lieu of coffee (whether it is gourmet or not). It has quite a bit less potential for habituation. Tea, whether green or black, also has a greater number of various anti-oxidants, which is known to be beneficial for the health. Though, it is now known that the beverage known as coffee does indeed possess a variety of antioxidants all of its own! Some of these antioxidants found within gourmet roasted coffee are produced during what’s called the “Maillard reaction”, a chemical reaction that occurs when the beans are roasted.

Tea has one last advantage over dark brew coffee, and that is that it doesn’t stain and leave spots on your teeth to as much of a degree as drinking coffee does. In combination with the fact that it is quite a bit less habit forming, that also, as a consequence, means you are less likely to drink it with nearly as much consistency than gourmet coffee and thus stain your teeth even less. The choice between drinking coffee or tea, or neither of which is a personal decision but do remember that which ever you decide both gourmet coffee and tea do reveal some scientific evidence of being healthy for the most part.