How to Free Your Body From Pain – Part I (The Beliefs)

How to Free Your Body From Pain – Part I (The Beliefs)

Do you often feel stuck? Like many people, you may be bogged down with fatigue, chronic body pain or illness. So much focus and money goes into feeling better that, at the end of the day, there is no energy to actually move forward on to your big dreams. Have you ever wondered why you seem to be stuck in this pattern? Not only is there a reason, but there is also a way to break free.

An Illness is a Messenger

In order to break the chain of pain, you must be willing to look behind the physical symptoms and look at the root cause. What if a deeper core belief system is generating your health challenges? In order for the body pain or illness to be cured, you must focus on changing this belief system rather than alleviating the physical symptoms alone.

An illness is an indicator that your life force is suppressed; it is a symptom of an energy block. Autoimmune disorders (inflammation), digestive issues and even cancer, are all symptoms of your life force being turned inward against you. A state of war is created within; great heat, fire, inflammation and pain is the result.

Express Your Pinned Up Feelings

Oftentimes, you may not know how to deal with rising emotions that result from daily obstacles and stress. But you do have a choice: to either push the emotions down with your usual coping mechanism, or to actually breathe and let the emotions come up through you (letting the steam out), so you do not become sick.

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Imagine your life force is a speed train which is extremely powerful. However, the train is locked up inside a cage of family trauma, shame and guilt. Every time the power train gains momentum, it inevitably rams up against a wall of limitations inside your ‘bone house.’ This frustrated energy then screams to be let out of the cage. And this happens again and again throughout your life. When you set your “power train” free and fully express yourself, your body will heal effortlessly.

The Really Good News

The physical pain is just a symptom; it does not identify or define you. In fact, you can look at these pain conditions as guide posts which show you exactly where to unlock the dormant creative life force that is required to fuel your big dreams into reality.

Are you ready to break the chain of pain and free yourself from illness?