Feeling Constantly Tired – Serious Illnesses Involved

Feeling Constantly Tired – Serious Illnesses Involved

Fatigue is characterized by weakness and a feeling of exhaustion. In most cases, this feeling comes from physical and mental exhaustion from jobs and other activities. In some cases, however, tiredness comes from a more serious source. Come and let’s see what these sources could be.

The first in the list of serious causes is coeliac disease. This disease is characterized by an intolerance to some foods particularly those that are rich in gluten. Gluten is usually the substance found in pastries such as cakes and breads. Although it is very important for the dough, some people just cannot tolerate it in their system. Coeliac disease results to tiredness because the body encounters difficulty in digesting a substance. The condition can be mild but it can also be severe especially if symptoms like anemia and diarrhea have already appeared.

The second serious cause is anemia. Anemia is a placid condition of the blood. It happens when there is not enough iron in the blood that helps the red blood cells perform different tasks. It causes tiredness because lack of iron means lack of oxygen to be held by the blood cells and transported around the body. Although it is most of the time treatable, there are cases when anemia becomes real problem. When the number of red blood cells totally decreases, it can escalate to more serious conditions such as leukemia and other blood problems.

The third serious cause is CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome. This syndrome is considered serious as the cause and treatment are unknown. No one has really pointed out what causes this condition therefore they are also having difficulties in finding out what can cure it. CFS has different stages. Each stage is more severe than the previous one. Some people suffering from it can still work but their tasks are limited by their energy level whereas others need to be complete bed ridden because of the condition.

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The fourth one in our list is sleep apnea. Generally, this condition is mild in itself. However, once it became a reason for sleep problems such as insomnia and narcolepsy, it becomes serious. In addition to this, sleep apnea involves obstruction in breathing during sleep. This obstruction can become a worry once the person experiences difficulty in breathing at night. Immediate treatments are necessary as soon as you have the hint that you are suffering from this condition.

The fifth one is diabetes. A big percentage of people around the world are suffering from this condition. A very high level of sugar in the blood is not good for several reasons. In connection with tiredness, it is not good because glucose particles blocks the nutrients from being absorbed. This means that the body cannot get an optimum amount of essential nutrients it needs. As a result, it will not be able to produce the necessary energy. It will also have a difficulty to perform important system processes. In fact, this can affect a large part of the body including vital organs such as the liver and the kidneys.