Fatigue and Tiredness – Do You Feel Fatigued? This Could Be Why!

Fatigue and Tiredness – Do You Feel Fatigued? This Could Be Why!

Do you experience fatigue and tiredness? Do you always feel fatigued? You may be surprised by what is causing that fatigue; the reasons listed herein could be why!

Many people each day are being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome also known as CFS, and even though doctors and other health care professionals are not exactly sure why people get CFS; they still diagnose their patients as sufferers of this disorder. The purpose of this article will be to explore possible alternative causes of chronic fatigue syndrome in people; please bear in mind that this article will take a holistic or homeopathic approach to these causes instead of those easily recognized by conventional medicines.

There are three possible suspects in the creation or development of CFS in people, they include the following:

Suspect #1: Fungal Overgrowth – This is most common when people have an overgrowth of candida yeast in their body creating a fungal infection. This usually tends to happen to those people who find them constantly on antibiotics for prolonged periods of time. Having an overgrowth of this type of fungal can lead to a slowing of the adrenal glands and wear down the protection of the immune system, which allows for CFS to sneak in when least expected.

Suspect #2: Metal Poisoning – This type of poisoning comes from the heavy metals that most people come into contact on a regular basis and do not even realize it; these heavy metals include ones such as lead, arsenic and mercury. The toxins in these types of metals affect the body by attacking the immune system, lowering it, and the adrenal glands causing them to slow down or halt production. Again, much like with the fungal infections, these metals lower a person’s system enough that chronic fatigue can slip in creating a deeper underlying problem.

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Suspect #3: Parasite Infestations – This type of infestation is caused by the parasites that everyone comes into contact daily; most are ingested without prior knowledge through food and drink. By eating out at restaurants, fast food joints, eating a lot of meat or raw fish such as sushi, and by drinking water from a faucet can give a person a parasitic infection. Parasites are those microorganisms that attach themselves to a host organism, feeding off their nutrients and resources, sapping the body’s natural energy reserves; allowing CFS to set in.

Of course the main symptoms are those that mirror the symptoms that accompany an illness such as the flu, a common cold, and a number of other health problems, making CFS very hard to diagnose. But if you find that you have been treated for every possible illness and the symptoms are still present then there is a good chance that you suffer from one or more of the three culprits mentioned above. Starting natural cleanses specially designed to cleanse these things from your system and seeking out a doctor who will listen to your suspicions and test accordingly, can help eliminate the above pests from your system reversing the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome in your body.