Causes of Feeling Tired – What You Can Do to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time

Causes of Feeling Tired – What You Can Do to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time

Are you tired all the time? Do you feel like everyone around you has a million times more energy than you do? Do you wake up in the morning to your alarm clock and want nothing more than be able to go back to sleep for the rest of the day? Well, the causes of feeling tired and the contributing factors to your fatigue are specific and exclusive to your individual self. However, here are a few fundamental tips to help battle tiredness.

1. OVERSLEEPING does not help

Sleeping extra hours per night is not the solution to feeling tired all the time. Oversleeping is a contributing factor and one of the many causes of feeling tired. What is important is one’s quality of sleep, not quantity. It is important to evaluate sleep cycle’s and your body’s rhythm. Oversleeping disturbs your body’s natural rhythm and is counterproductive in battling fatigue.

2. CAFFEINE and other artificial stimulants (i.e. energy drinks) do not help

The human body clashes with the intake of caffeine and other artificial stimulants. If you are a coffee drinker and are puzzled by why you are still tired all the time despite drinking coffee all day long, you may want to take this to heart. To put it short, caffeine causes unnecessary adrenaline production within the brain. Why would you want adrenaline pumping just to sit at your desk in the office all day? You don’t need that. It is much more important to harness natural energy rather than artificial.

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I’m sure you hear these all the time in regards to just about anything health related. If you are seeking the causes of feeling tired that affect you, you may want to turn towards these factors. Exercise is important to allow your body time for work and time for rest. Engaging in no physical activity throughout the day is not healthy and may be a triggering factor in why you are constantly fatigued. Your diet is also extremely important. What you put into your body is hugely influential and may be your cause of feeling tired. Maintaining a healthy, consistent diet is critical in helping you to battle chronic tiredness.

These 3 tips are fundamental and the foundation of your action plan. You are unique and so are your causes of feeling tired. Starting with these suggestions, however, is a good way to begin analyzing what exactly is contributing to your tiredness. A personalized regimen may be needed if these ideas don’t fully work for you.