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How to know if you are Pregnant

At some point, we have been taught about the means by which we all arrived on this planet. Our mothers got pregnant and held us in their wombs for three quarters of a year. That is such a long time and one filled with plenty of sacrifices. It was by this process that we got here. By which means did our mothers figure out they were pregnant? Are you wondering whether you may be pregnant? For first-timers, pregnancy can be quite scary. The entire process from the start of the pregnancy to its end may appear mysterious. To help you get a foothold, we have prepared this article to enlighten you on how to know if you are pregnant.

We are going to go through some simple, common yet important signs you have heard or not. One thing you want to think about keenly to know if you are pregnant is sex. The question at this point concerns the last time you had sex. Did you use protection or are you on any form of contraception? These queries here basically lay the foundation for everything discussion that follows. It takes a week to ten days after unprotected vaginal penetration for the fertilized egg to be implanted, after which one can be said to be pregnant. So first, find answers to these queries.

With this issue of sex comes another pointer; missed periods. Missed periods may result in mistaken conclusions about pregnancy as much as they are among the first signs of the process. It is unwise to use then missed periods as the basis of claiming to be pregnant. The argument for this reasoning is that there exist many reasons as to why you may have missed your period. Stress and the routine use of contraceptives may result in missed periods. It is then prudent to consult a medical expert with regard to this issue.

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Consider also incidences of nausea and vomiting. This may be more conclusive since one experiences it roughly 21 days into conception. It is a sign that the level of hormones in the body is increasing in preparation for full-blown pregnancy. It is often referred to as ‘morning sickness’ but doesn’t necessarily mean it will occur in the morning only. The smell of food or your favorite perfume may at this time make you feel nauseous and result in vomiting.

One can get conclusive results on their pregnancy status using a pregnancy test. You can do this from home and get the answers you are seeking with better clarity. It works best when one has already had their period. If you take it earlier than this, it may give a negative result even when you are pregnant. The pregnancy tests are available at the supermarket and local drug stores. Clarification can be sought from a doctor on the result gotten.

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