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Understanding How to Combat Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment has become a major issue in the workplace. If you want to learn more about the types of sexual harassment that happens in the workplace, then be sure to check this site out.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is recognized legally in two ways. The first kind of sexual harassment that can take place in the workplace is what you call quid pro quo sexual harassment and the second kind is hostile environment harassment. This website will let you learn about the both of them as they happen in the workplace.

The first type, the quid pro quo sexual harassment, is one where the employee is demanded sexual favors in exchange for them to be promoted or to retain their job. If this happens outside of the workplace, like between student and professor, the student will be offered a favorable recommendation or a good grade once they do sexual favors. The quid pro quo sexual harassment perpetrators are often the ones who have the influence and power over the employment status or the educational status of the victim like a teacher, a manager, or a supervisor. For instance, a manager suggests that the employee should give him back and neck rubs or go on a date with them so that they can retain their job position or get a promotion. For this kind of sexual harassment, it does not matter if the victim agrees with the offer or gave into it. It is enough that the offer has been made for the victim to be able to file a case against the harasser even if he or she takes it back right after.

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The second kind of sexual harassment is that which you call hostile work environment sexual harassment. This happens when a supervisor, manager, or co-worker in the work setting makes inappropriate sexual advances that affects the work performance of the employee. This also leads to the creation of a work environment that is hostile, intimidating, and offensive. Sexual harassment can be done verbally, physically, visually, and non-verbally. If you make sexual remarks about another person’s anatomy, clothing, or looks, you have committed verbal sexual harassment. When it comes to non-verbal sexual harassment, on the other hand, this involves leering, glaring, and starting at someone. When you put up some sexually suggestive cartoons, photographs, posters, and calendars in the workplace, you are committing visual sexual harassment. An example of physical sexual harassment includes the victim being given some shoulder and neck massages when they never asked for it. If the employer chooses to ignore the what is going on in the workplace like sexual harassment being done to one of the employees, they will be made liable.

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