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Fatigue Reducing Toxins With NCD Can Be a Solution

Fatigue Reducing Toxins With NCD Can Be a Solution

It is time for anyone that has to force themselves to get going to get “the lead out.” Mercury, arsenic, cadmium, nickel and all other toxic heavy metals are also a problem.

If you enjoy having energy to do what you need to do and want to do you also need to pay attention.

Heavy metals will steal your quality of life. Fatigue increases your golf score, reduces sexual desire and ability and makes your life miserable. The toxicity will make it harder to do what is necessary to make a living and advance in your career.

Research has shown that it is not a matter of if we have a toxic body burden but how much and what affect it will have on your health.

“Most of the disease of aging -vascular, most cancers, arthritis and others– have been shown to be associated with toxic metals…..”Dr. Robert A. Nash, Chairman of the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology.

Nearly every function of your body depends on enzymes to make everything happen. Enzyme become active when specific minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper and others link with the activation site on the enzyme.

Each mineral has a unique shape and properties. The activation sites are like a key lock and can only be activated by a specific mineral. Heavy metal block the activation sites and prevent the enzyme from becoming active.

For example, if it take 100 enzymes to complete a function and 10 of them are blocked by heavy metals the reaction will not be as complete. The more enzymes that are block the greater the problem.

This gets worse over time and therefore we see a gradual decline in function as we age.

This does not have to be. You can slow the aging process and eliminate fatigue by reducing your toxic body burden with Natural Cellular Defense or NCD.

NCD is a one of a kind product that has brought energy and vitality back for thousands of people. In my 30 plus years in health care I have not seen anything like this.

Let’s take a look at how the heavy metals cause so much damage to your healthy body. For this example I will show you what happens in the process of producing energy in your cells.

The cellular energy comes from the breakdown of ATP to ADP. A 3 phosphate molecule is reduced to a 2 phosphate energy required to hold the third phosphate is released and gives life to the cellular function. This is the key to life.

NCD can trap and remove the heavy metals thereby opening the receptor site of the enzyme for the magnesium that is necessary for ATP to be reduced to ADP. The outcome is more energy. Nearly everyone can appreciate having more energy.

This is one of the major underlying causes of fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, sexual dysfunction and allergies.

For Your Total Wellness, Dr. Darrel Hestdalen…

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Clear Fibromyalgia Naturally

Clear Fibromyalgia Naturally

When a client presents to me with fibromyalgia or rheumatoid-type pain, here is what I say first:

“I DO feel your pain! I suffered with acute fibromyalgia for over a year… coupled with chronic fatigue. I finally decided I was going to get well… so I called in the information. Within two months I’d lost 20 pounds, the pain was completely gone, I had my energy back, and my memory returned and hair stopped falling out.

Here are a few things you can do right now for yourself:

Every day spend at least 30 minutes in nature, and either sit on the ground or walk barefooted with your feet or some body part touching the earth. The electro-magnetics of our dear planet have a wonderful healing effect and we’ve cut ourselves off from that wearing rubber or plastic insulators on our feet and building homes with insulated floors. Now you are getting fresh air, natural grounding, and hopefully some sunshine, because the Vitamin D3 in the sun can support your body’s immune system as it also lowers your cholesterol.

Next look at your diet. Are there some days when you feel worse than other days? Simple food combining can make a huge difference, as well as looking at what you may have developed sensitivities around. So, remember these rules:

A� you can eat fruits plus vegetables,

A� you can eat proteins plus vegetables,

A� you can eat starches plus vegetables,

A� do NOT make other combinations… and,

A� check everything in your pantry and refrigerator for MSG and high fructose corn syrup. Throw out everything with these ingredients.

A� Evaluate your intake of grains such as wheat and corn… especially their refined derivatives such as flour, corn starch, corn syrup. You may have developed a sensitivity to gluten or an allergy to certain grains. If you must eat these, then make sure they are Organic, because many people are becoming sensitive to GMO/ genetically modified foods, and since these are not always marked, going Organic is the safest way to protect yourself. There is a very good chance that if you follow these six guidelines, your pain will lessen or disappear completely.

Many people with serious rheumatoid arthritis find that their symptoms go away when they exercise the toxins out of their joints & systems and allow the bones to gain strength through the pressure of exercise. I’ve known dancers who completely go off of their meds just because they dance for a couple of hours each weekend. Walking is good too.

And finally, you say that you have children, pets, a mate, a job, or other “regular life” stressors, and you probably are feeling lots of stress. Sounds like you need some good nurturing. Maybe a “mom’s morning out” with a good friend, or a good massage, or a hot date with your honey would be good for you. Even a “well day” off of work might help. Stress is the #1 cause of ALL degenerative disease. Stress is the #1 cause of body pH imbalance… which causes pain and rheumatoid-type symptoms. Need I say more?? The energy therapy coaching work that I do can teach you simple methods to clear your stress so that you can enjoy your life… and naturally clear the pain.

So, these are all things that YOU can do for yourself without the help of any general practitioner MD, specialist, therapist, etc.”

After this general natural self-nurturing advice, I then provide the information about how meridian-based energy therapy modalities can help to clear the stress and underlying causes of why the person manifested the condition in the first place. I enjoy working to clear the symptoms first, and it is especially gratifying to me when I see the client doing this for him or herself!

You may contact me directly for more information! All of this really DOES work!…

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Why Can’t I Get to Sleep?

Why Can’t I Get to Sleep?

What could be worse – not being able to get to sleep, or not being able to stay asleep? I’m not sure, but a disrupted night’s sleep feels awful, dampening your enthusiasm for the day, and hampering your creativity. By the end of the day you can’t wait to crawl back under the covers; except that you know that, like most other nights, just being in the bed hasn’t help stop you staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning.

So what’s going on? Lets look at the major reasons why people can’t get a refreshing sleep

Checklist item One: Are you exercising enough?

Lack of exercise. Although you may feel tired, a fitness training session may be just what you need to burn off some stress. Counter-intuitive as it sounds, using up energy in exercise will actually give you energy. For people who have trouble sleeping, the best time of day for training may be afternoon. Why? Its all to do with cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands that helps wake you up in the morning. Your body’s cortisol production should peak between 6-8am, then decline slowly through to the evening. As night falls and your cortisol levels drop further, then melatonin (the hormone that helps you fall asleep) is released by the pituitary gland in your brain. In the morning the reverse happens: melatonin secretion declines as cortisol helps wake you up. (Light helps wake you up too, but that’s another story)

People who are feeling stressed tend to have higher circulating levels of cortisol. They need to burn it off to get to sleep; and exercise will do just that.

People who are exhausted when they wake but get a burst of energy late at night (when they really should be asleep) can sometimes be suffering adrenal fatigue, where their cortisol production has become exhausted. This condition requires professional treatment.

Checklist Item Two: Do you have a wind-down routine?

A winding-down routine may help you get to sleep. That means switching off the computer, the television, and going through a routine like stretching, meditation, peaceful music. These kind of activities will give your brain the message that its time to stop for the day. A regular bed time and regular wake up time helps too. Your internal body clock will gradually adjust to the steady routine.

Checklist Item Three: How much caffeine are you taking in?

Watch out that caffeine, the ‘wake up’ drug found in coffee and energy drinks, isn’t keeping you awake. If you think it might be, try stopping all caffeine at midday and see if you find it easier to get to sleep over the next few days.

So there’s your checklist for improving your sleep: Regular exercise, a regular sleep time and wind down routine, and avoiding caffeine. Good luck!…

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Shift Work Tips: How To Avoid Junk Food At Work?

Shift Work Tips: How To Avoid Junk Food At Work?

Knowing how to avoid junk food at work has got to be the million dollar question because let’s be honest – the good old vending machine can be a shift worker’s best friend when you feel like something quick and easy to eat.

And as it stands there all alone in the hallway, overflowing with different types of goodies to tempt you in, it can be VERY hard to just walk past and not fall under its hypnotic spell.

In fact if you’re a shift worker, avoiding junk food altogether can be a really hard thing to do.

Considering shift workers are prone to constant fatigue and tiredness, that sugar fix from a can of soda or chocolate bar can be just what you need to help get you through the shift. Particularly if you’re a night shift worker or you have to start at the rather hideous time of 3am in the morning.

So if you’re looking for some Shift Work Tips that will help you to avoid junk food at work, try the following:

1. Leave your wallet at home so you don’t have any money to buy junk food. This is by far the best tip because if you don’t have any money, then you quite simply cannot buy the junk food in the first place.

2. Always bring your own meals into work and have some healthy snacks on hand so that you are not tempted to fill up on chocolate, lollies and crisps.

Things like almonds, dates and fruit are a great snack food because they are whole foods – foods that have undergone little or no processing. They will also fill you up so that you’re not tempted to eat the sugary, nutrient-starved junk food.

So avoiding junk food at work can be a hard thing to do – but the good news is that you don’t have to have Superman-like strength and willpower!

If you come into work every day prepared, and keep a stash of healthy snacks in your bag or locker, then you’re less likely to fall under the hypnotic spell of that vending machine……

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PMS Symptoms – PMS Affects Everyone

PMS Symptoms – PMS Affects Everyone

Because you’re the one who experiences the symptoms of PMS, you think that it’s your problem and yours alone. Not true.

In fact, if your PMS symptoms affect you negatively, chances are the result is a negative impact on all of those in your world. Mood swings, unexplained anger, depression and fatigue, affect your family and your partner who must endure these symptoms right along with you. Have you ever become angry with your children or your husband for “no reason?”

Well, there is a reason. Your anger, though directed at family members, is actually caused by a hormonal imbalance within your body, leading to a range of emotions and, of course, the physical aches and pains that arrive 7-14 days before your period.

The same is true with your friends. You may find yourself so depressed that a night out with friends is impossibility. You may become annoyed with a best friend for no reason – or at least one your friend can’t identify – leaving him or her to wonder what went wrong.

And what about your co-workers? When experiencing PMS symptoms, memory and reasoning functions are diminished. Your cognitive skills are not up to standard and your work suffers. Often, your co-workers pay the price for your PMS – and they never know why, or even what they did wrong!

PMS is certainly about you since you experience the emotional and physical effects of the syndrome each month. But you don’t live in a vacuum. You interact with others – family, friends, co-workers, and other drivers on the highway, people who are “in your way” at the store – the whole world is affected by your PMS symptoms if you don’t take steps to address these symptoms.

The key is simple. You must be pro-active in maintaining your own good health. No one can do it for you. You experience the symptoms; you have to find a solution to address those symptoms.…

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Figuring Out List Fatigue and List Churn

Figuring Out List Fatigue and List Churn

Many search engine specialists today are going in for E-mail marketing to promote online business. List building is very important for E-mail marketing. If a marketer has a good mailing list of prospective clientele then nobody can stop him from growing and rising. List building process should be done on a regular basis for better results. Many companies are facing problem of readers backing out every year. The concept of E-mail hurdle though is a fairly new idea but has to be taken in account for ensuring List building and growing is an ongoing process.

The hurdle rate provides data about how many new subscribers a marketer would require for smooth growing of his E-mail list. These new ones make up for the deficit and ensure to get a list which will be apt. Apart from this the marketer has to also take care of List Fatigue and List Churn for proper working.

List Fatigue is a record of subscribers who are not active anymore. They haven’t opted for unsubscribing but are giving no response to any of the sent mails and there is no kind of communication. The main reasons for this can be either the information given is not perfect for the user or the deals given are inappropriate forcing the subscriber to keep quiet. The number of such subscribers should be calculated on a regular basis so that List building process can be redone accordingly. Studies show around forty percent of subscribers become inactive every year. Be sure you have included all members who haven’t shown any kind of positive reaction in last few months. It would be good if a study is conducted to know what users are actually looking for narrowing down the number in List Fatigue. Also on the marketer part he should make sure the number of times a newsletter is sent is not very high, only useful content should be sent and he should review user’s account by getting inputs on regular basis from users.

List Churn consists of users who have chosen to leave the E-mail list within a specific period. Some of users actually opt in to unsubscribe while others in this list don’t have a valid E-mail address which leads to mails bouncing back to marketers. Some of the users also leave because they tag these mails as spam and often take action against them. This list if formulated either on a monthly or yearly basis. You can get the number of these users by looking at overall working of your E-mail List. List Churn helps in determining the hurdle rate which in turn is very crucial for new List building and for planning other business strategies. Marketers can avoid List Churn by taking care of bouncing E-mails. They should make your users feel important, get their advice and build trustworthiness. If they follow this there would be no spam complaints.

For ensuring a good List building the marketer should deal with both List Fatigue and List Churn effectively so that his target of E-Mail marketing is well achieved and his business is highly profited.…

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Symptoms of Severe Fatigue – Find Out If You Have CFS!

Symptoms of Severe Fatigue – Find Out If You Have CFS!

Showing symptoms of sever fatigue? Find out if you have CFS, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. This article will help you to find out what chronic fatigue syndrome is and how to spot the warning signs that your body is giving to you.

CFS is one of those health disorders that render their sufferer unable to function properly in their daily lives, leaving them dependent on others around them to help them out. But what causes chronic fatigue syndrome? That is a very good question that many people, including health practitioners are asking while trying to find the answers. Very little is known about CFS, so it is often times misdiagnosed as another health issue; this happens because the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are the same as the symptoms of other more common illnesses.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is easily confused with the flu, high blood pressure, a common cold virus, or mono as in mononucleosis. Each of these disorders, including CFS causes an ongoing fatigue that eventually becomes severe over time, headaches, fevers, chills, body aches, digestive and intestinal problems, memory and perception dysfunctions, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and the inability to properly function from day-to-day living.

With most of these symptoms and health issues, they can be temporarily controlled by prescription medicines, and just as they seem to be going away they make another appearance, sometimes worse the second or third time around then the first time they showed up. When this happens; health care professionals will generally try another method, usually with the same results, leaving them to give a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some of the speculations for the causes of CFS include too much stress in one’s life, running the rat race and overworking them selves, a traumatic event that happened to the sufferer or happened in their life, an onset of new allergies that they did not realize that they had, or it is simply all in their mind. What all of this boils down too is that no one really knows the true cause of chronic fatigue syndrome; but what is known is that this is a very real and a very serious condition that zaps one’s health. So if you suspect that you might be suffering from CFS, consult your physician and let them know of your concerns and worries; they will be able to order some exams to help rule out any of the other possibilities.…